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Poetry commissions
By The Sea I Felt The Dripping Whispers by PuzzledHeartBox
A Bleeding Heart Box Called Puzzled by PuzzledHeartBox
World-Inside-Me - The Heart of Serenity by shehrozeameen
thegalleryofevecommission by shehrozeameen
ZieAwsomePrussia commission - Lirena's Exile by shehrozeameen
Provided are poems that I have written in different formats and using varying styles of presentation.  Each one is unique and each one has a semblance of its own.

length can vary between 8 lines and 19 lines. For epics requiring more then 19 line, I will require a detailed storyline about what you require.

themes: epics, melancholia, human nature, poetry, romanticism. No erotica. Dedications can be done. Eulogies can also be arranged.

Bear in mind that I am not a schedule driven poet. You will be notified during the drafting process, so that you can monitor the progress of the poem you commissioned from me.

I can complete one poem at a time.
For any work which you like but want an opinion regarding its nature, understanding, and its presentation.

You will be provided a note containing a detailed analysis over what I thought about the work - only you will be in the knowledge of this critique (unless you ask otherwise).


Successful projects:


:iconevery-photo: :iconthecritiquables: :iconpoetrynprosewatchers: :iconpoeticalcondition:




Shehroze Ameen
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hi! :wave: My name is Shehroze Ameen.

I'm at present working in the following groups:

:groups: :iconpoetrynprosewatchers: - Founder - A place where all your :+fav: get exposure. Do give it a look :)

:groups: :iconpoeticalcondition: - Head of the Critique Department - send a :note: whenever if you want to apply as a critic to me or :michel-le-fou: . For more details, see this journal: Critique Department Update: Critic Openings!EDIT: Duties of Critics have been added in this notice. Thanks fernknits for pointing that out. Appreciate it. :)
Hey Everyone! My name's shehrozeameen and I recently became the new Head of the Critique Department of PoeticalCondition.
This was an administrative decision taken by our boss RiseandBe. I'm succeeding NotenSMSK, who started the critique department. A gem of a boss honestly - punctual, very dilligent in his approach, and particular about how the department was being maintained. Suffice to say, life is more than dA in the end.
Me and NotenSMSK keep in touch outside of dA, so rest assured he's doing well and is in good health - but he's become busy post-graduation due to a job and other non-dA related exercises which require his fullest potential. It was a mutual decision from all three sides.
And thus, ladies and gentlemen, I have something big to tell all of you:

:groups: :iconthecritiquables: - Second in Command - a place where you get critique in exchange for critique given to members :heart: . The rules are provided in the unappreciated journal features posted every month. Come on over!

:groups: :iconevery-photo: - Staff Critic (now promoted to Co-founder) - Yes, photography critic as well. :heart: in case you ever have any photographs which you feel require attention or are outstanding, don't hesitate to send me a :note: .

What else.... I love :dalogo:. If you need somebody to :+devwatch:, or need someone to talk to about something, :note: me. but if your serious about progressing forward, I'll do my level best to help you out in any way possible...

Looking forward to what people feel about my works :)


:twitter: :‎

:new: Hear me :blahblah: / :sing: my poems on Bandcamp or Soundcloud:


:new: Apart from dA, I'm also :typerhappy: in the following writing websites. Cheers. :)

Blogger : vermillionshroudsofmyinnerself…,

I am available for commissions as well (writing mostly :pencil: ). Here's the thumb to my commission details: Commissions OpenName of commissioner: shehrozeameen :iconshehrozeameen:
Type of Commission: poetry (though epistles are also included)
Number of commissions done: five
From the commissioner:
I love writing poetry, frankly speaking. I can write a poem between 8 and 19 lines. Provided that the theme has been carefully told by the customer, I will send drafts of my progress as often as I can. I can write in both traditional and non-traditional formats.
So far as traditional are concerned, I am not particularly good with sonnets, but I have a decent assessment of syllable count. I don't follow meter. Having said that, I have written terza rimas, rub'iyaat, villanelle, ottava rima, triolets, blank verse, and quatrain style poetry.
So far as non-traditional formats are concerned, I would like to be told what the approach has to be. I'll follow it to
and its only for 20 :points: (my cut is 16 :twocents: , if you want it in real life amount).

Don't hesitate to go :typerhappy: when you wind up looking at my works :) Cheers.
:ashamed: I'm sorry for spamming people like this. I truly am.


I have to finish some critiques in my "to-be-critiqued" folder, in :iconthecritiquables:, in :iconevery-photo: and I have to update :iconpoetrynprosewatchers: with a reminder of the themed prompt.

With that said, be on the lookout for the praise forums again, because this time I'll be praising the non-literary artists I know. At the same time, I'll be working on the new interview as well (this one's a recommendation by chromeantennae - thanks man).

Anyway, what've I been doing apart from boring ya'll with my forum posts and my tags?

Reading and :+fav:ing like a dAddict of course! :D I'm sharing the ones I was linked in the thumbshare forum (as well as a small number I :+fav:ed by suggestion)

Flip-Flop Island by radoxist

3-fucking-D by the way

Trumpets by PinchOfPixelDust

no stars by arslanalp

1404 Taja 062 by Palmix

Know Your Coasters by railrunnermiranda

The Hydra by railrunnermiranda

Ferna: reborn by SilentTrain

Belrose 4 by MechanicalLazarus

Johnny Bravo by metalslimer

Magenta by Spectral-Aspen

Silence in the heart by SilentTrain
Post office sorting room by J0nnyL0ve

A walk with wolves by AleahLeigh

Beauty Within Frigidity by Theanimalparade

Abandoned computer by Maleiva

Cat by CuCat

The Last Portrait. by AdanVC

oh, this one: 3-fucking-D !!!

Broken girl by ArtofMadameGrotesque

The girl who lives under water by ArtofMadameGrotesque

Note: these that follow are parental advisory, View at your own risk:

Decomposition by zsofiadome

The Dodo's Widow by CaitlinHackett

Silent lake by zsofiadome

Fed by davepalumbo

Escape by atillagalip

Rusting Love by Art-of-the-Seraphim

So that's a little display of my visual library... with that said, I do have more on my person. Cheers. Take care.
I find that this whole tag is best portrayed by this poem:

With that said, this was done in good humor, and that whatever is stated in these questions is purely for the tag itself. The tag is embarrassing I know :facepalm: so, that was the forewarning. In case anyone felt offended, I'll delete their names from the tag.

Anyway, onto the questions:

-Go to
- Put the names from your friend's list in the box
-Click 'randomize'
- Use the names as they appear to answer the stuff below OR click 'Randomize again' and use only the name that appears first each time.
- No cheating!
- if you run out of names before you answered all the stuff, just randomize and start again!

You're in a mental hospital. Sanity is Overrated by LeoLeonardo

Your roommate: :iconbrokengod--veins: (Conquering the world with awesomeness for sure :dummy: )

Your Doctor: :iconnocturnejewel:

Person licking the windows: :iconackz-twisted-art: (... this just isn't gonna happen :facepalm: )

Person stashing food in the corners: :iconmintymintamin:

Person acting like an animal: :iconnolannilestheletter: (probably too many fanfic reviews :shrug: )

Person helping you escape: :iconthomclyma: ( :highfive: )

Person yelling nonsense about clowns: :icondiluculi: (Why does that make me cringe...)

Person who is running around with a frying pan: :icondorianharper: (huh... but Dorian's the most peaceful, cool guy I've ever met :O_o: )

Person who believes that he/she is able to control when the end of the world occurs: :iconofonesoul: (taking just her dev name, its appropriate)

Person going crazy: :iconirrevocablefate: (... how? granted the creation of the dA lit series is a really hard effort, and granted that the whole html coding of the thing is a herculean task and I respect her for it, but... how..?)

Person who was under at least ten restraining orders: :iconxxvegasgirlxx: (... why..? )

Person who is strapped down to their bed: :iconmetarukitsune: (... :no: this randomized list was biased)

Person who got thrown in the mental hospital for running over a hamster: :iconnerviris: (... but she's such a harmless soul... this was wrong on so many counts)

Person who speaks in Morse code: :iconcadaverousdingo:

Person who is the most sane out of everybody: :iconladylincoln:

Person who doesn't know why he is here in the first place: :iconnotensmsk: (.... *starts chuckling, now starts laughing* Dear Lord... okay that is so epic I swear... the very person who created the poem is wondering why he's here in the first place. :clap: epic)

so I'm re-randomizing the list and this time we're going to have a different scenario:

Again, this is in good humor. And if you felt hurt by the tag, do let me know and I'll remove your name from it. And just as a note in advance, I do apologize in case anyone was offended. I truly am.

You're in a park: La love in the park 

Person who is jogging to the tune of "Careless Whisper" in their walkman: :iconsmallsincerities:

Person who is busy writing a poem in the park: :iconpolka-dot-bananas: (Wow! I would honestly look forward to that! )

Person who is busy writing a historical fiction in the park: :iconlombregrise: (that makes sense to be honest)

Person who is peeping between the two writers: :iconnolannilestheletter:

The goldenboy (i.e. the guy every girl wants) in the park: :iconneonxaos: (come to think of it, this is appropriate)

The old person with deep thoughts reminiscing of the time that had passed by: :iconxxvegasgirlxx:

The person showing public displays of affection: :icondoctordanishajaz: (... huh...? ...seriously...? Huh?!)

The person taking selfies by the fountain: :iconminijacksondiangelo: (... she isn't even the kind of person who likes selfies... whaa...?)

The person taking pictures of their family: :iconprettyflour:

The person who's crying under a weeping willow tree: :iconb1gfan:

The person meditating under an oak tree: :iconbrokengod--veins: 

The person who has a bag full of text books running away from university: :iconthalianight:

The person reciting their muse's poems: :iconzillar:

The person playing the violin: :iconpascal-prevost:

The person who is noting everyone coming and going: :iconjuliabur:

The person grumbling over entering the park by mistake: :iconsammur-amat: (... but she's always happy! Why...?)

The person on a first date: :iconbiotick-dragon:

The person stalking above person for being on a first date: :iconnerviris: ( :O_o: huh...)

The person watching the park with a sniper: :iconsaintofthedragons:

The person being watched by the sniper: :iconpuzzledheartbox: (... wow... okay... that's just wrong...)

The person who's working with friends on a play: :iconraspil: (truth be told, I do imagine some of her works which could be turned into plays)

The person who's passing comments: :iconwindaddyflex: (... but he's harmless! What the hell?!)

The person who makes friends with a stranger: :iconjutsugal1208:

The person who finds true love in the park: :iconthegalleryofeve: (that's actually really sweet to be honest)

The person proposing in the park: :icondeetay: (... *gulps* I'm worried... please don't kill me... please don't kill me...)

The person being proposed to in the park: :iconspiritomb1231: 

The person who is a clergyman and arranges for the marriage of above two: :iconsebastiangrimm: (... actually, the guy would make a really bad ass clergyman. I mean... seriously... the guy's awesome! )

The person who is making shapes of the clouds: :iconimaginative-lioness:

The person with the constant smile: :icon3wyl:

So yeah... that's two scenarios given.


shehrozeameen has started a donation pool!
690 / 4,000
The purpose of this donation pool is to provide anyone participating in the prompts and contests of PoeticalCondition and to members of Every-Photo.

Your donations would be greatly appreciated.

You must be logged in to donate.


Critique is such a hard job - but somebody's gotta do it. I for one, am proud of my critiques.


4 deviants said I love cats! :meow:
2 deviants said Unappreciated Works Feature #15The new feature is up now! The works for the month of April 2014 are:

Members will have to comment on the pieces in this feature and give the link or name of the work they have critiqued/commented on as a comment on the Journal. Without commenting, works will not be accepted. The rules are as follows:
1. One work commented allows submission for a week
2. Two works commented allow submission for two weeks
3. Three works commented allow submission for the month
4. Critiques have to be constructive and helpful. One liner critiques will not be considered
5. You cannot comment on your own work
6. This feature allows submissions only for the month
Lastly, the works are chosen by us based on different factors. Yes, not all works are what you might consider unappreciated works but since your work will be accepted AFTER you have commented on/critiqued some work - FOR THE CRITIQUES!!! (and you get them as well!)
1 deviant said New Prompt!Hey everyone! :wave:
For those who're new here, welcome to :iconpoetrynprosewatchers:. Hope y'all are doing well :)
This journal is to indicate that a new prompt is going to come up. For those who'd like to know more about our prompts, refer to the following journals:
Prompt start:

Prompt end:


So yeah, its the month of April and so, the admin (me, and :iconpauper-circumstance: ) present to you, a new prompt in case you're interested and looking forward to it. This time, the prompt will last over three months because the theme, is as follows:
So, what's sacrifice here? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:
the act of giving up something that you want to keep especially in order to get or do something else or to help someone
Hmm... what is it lacking... Ah! here we go:
So there you have it. Some examples of what is portrayed by sacrifice from the dA literature community - Submit your :+fav: to the prompt (described in the journal)
1 deviant said Get exposure!! Learn something new!!!! (yes, I'm being an ad-guy!! )
No deviants said :la:


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=Respect you
=Involve you
=Encourage you
= Deserve you
=Save you

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