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Poetry commissions
By The Sea I Felt The Dripping Whispers by PuzzledHeartBox
A Bleeding Heart Box Called Puzzled by PuzzledHeartBox
World-Inside-Me - The Heart of Serenity by shehrozeameen
thegalleryofevecommission by shehrozeameen
ZieAwsomePrussia commission - Lirena's Exile by shehrozeameen
Provided are poems that I have written in different formats and using varying styles of presentation.  Each one is unique and each one has a semblance of its own.

length can vary between 8 lines and 19 lines. For epics requiring more then 19 line, I will require a detailed storyline about what you require.

themes: epics, melancholia, human nature, poetry, romanticism. No erotica. Dedications can be done. Eulogies can also be arranged.

Bear in mind that I am not a schedule driven poet. You will be notified during the drafting process, so that you can monitor the progress of the poem you commissioned from me.

I can complete one poem at a time.
For any work which you like but want an opinion regarding its nature, understanding, and its presentation.

You will be provided a note containing a detailed analysis over what I thought about the work - only you will be in the knowledge of this critique (unless you ask otherwise).


Successful projects:


:iconevery-photo: :iconthecritiquables: :iconpoeticalcondition: :iconpoetrynprosewatchers:




Shehroze Ameen
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hi! :wave: My name is Shehroze Ameen.

I'm at present working in the following groups:

:groups: :iconpoetrynprosewatchers: - Founder - A place where all your :+fav: get exposure. Do give it a look :)

:groups: :iconpoeticalcondition: - Head of the Critique Department - send a :note: whenever if you want to apply as a critic to me or :michel-le-fou: . For more details, see this journal: Critique Department Update: Critic Openings!EDIT: Duties of Critics have been added in this notice. Thanks fernknits for pointing that out. Appreciate it. :)
Hey Everyone! My name's shehrozeameen and I recently became the new Head of the Critique Department of PoeticalCondition.
This was an administrative decision taken by our boss RiseandBe. I'm succeeding NotenSMSK, who started the critique department. A gem of a boss honestly - punctual, very dilligent in his approach, and particular about how the department was being maintained. Suffice to say, life is more than dA in the end.
Me and NotenSMSK keep in touch outside of dA, so rest assured he's doing well and is in good health - but he's become busy post-graduation due to a job and other non-dA related exercises which require his fullest potential. It was a mutual decision from all three sides.
And thus, ladies and gentlemen, I have something big to tell all of you:

:groups: :iconthecritiquables: - Second in Command - a place where you get critique in exchange for critique given to members :heart: . The rules are provided in the unappreciated journal features posted every month. Come on over!

:groups: :iconevery-photo: - Staff Critic (now promoted to Co-founder) - Yes, photography critic as well. :heart: in case you ever have any photographs which you feel require attention or are outstanding, don't hesitate to send me a :note: .

What else.... I love :dalogo:. If you need somebody to :+devwatch:, or need someone to talk to about something, :note: me. but if your serious about progressing forward, I'll do my level best to help you out in any way possible...

Looking forward to what people feel about my works :)


:twitter: :‎

:new: Hear me :blahblah: / :sing: my poems on Bandcamp or Soundcloud:


:new: Apart from dA, I'm also :typerhappy: in the following writing websites. Cheers. :)

Blogger : vermillionshroudsofmyinnerself…,

I am available for commissions as well (writing mostly :pencil: ). Here's the thumb to my commission details: Commissions OpenName of commissioner: shehrozeameen :iconshehrozeameen:
Type of Commission: poetry (though epistles are also included)
Number of commissions done: five
From the commissioner:
I love writing poetry, frankly speaking. I can write a poem between 8 and 19 lines. Provided that the theme has been carefully told by the customer, I will send drafts of my progress as often as I can. I can write in both traditional and non-traditional formats.
So far as traditional are concerned, I am not particularly good with sonnets, but I have a decent assessment of syllable count. I don't follow meter. Having said that, I have written terza rimas, rub'iyaat, villanelle, ottava rima, triolets, blank verse, and quatrain style poetry.
So far as non-traditional formats are concerned, I would like to be told what the approach has to be. I'll follow it to
and its only for 20 :points: (my cut is 16 :twocents: , if you want it in real life amount).

Don't hesitate to go :typerhappy: when you wind up looking at my works :) Cheers.

FINALLY!!! :) I hope you like it this time. Just to give girls the heads up though, the last question is a food for thought. In the end, it was eventually going to be asked.

With that said, thanks so much for the birthday wishes. I had NotenSMSK and DannyMechanist over at my house today, which was fun. With that said, it was an overall productive day - just have a few more deviations to read, and I'll be moving onward to some other work.

Inclusive of TWO commissions now, rather than one. I'll have to get down to the first as soon as I can. :( Damn, I'm late. :no: Not good at all.

Oh, speaking of not good:

That's the new prompt for :iconpoetrynprosewatchers: why not give it a go.


for those who'd like to give critique as well as gain critique, this group's the place to go to. :) Do come on over, you won't be disappointed.

Also, thank you TheDarkenedBride for your constructive comments, as well as everyone for your birthday wishes. I genuinely appreciate the gesture. You're all sweethearts, and gems in the purest sense of the word.

Stay happy, and stay blessed.

Speaking of blessed:

Rejected by The Baltimore Review. Give it a look :bucktooth: that's all from my side. Bye.
Here's a feature:

purgeI rise from a bed of jeering brass,
my breath gone white
in a room filled with smudge pots.
On the last hour of the final day
with fingers gone numb
I gaze from a window,
memories of a choleraic dream  
brush against the pane like strangers
from layers of winters passed.
Don't make me regret all of this
now that I'm about to be shown
in the fraction of a heartbeat-
to purge me clean of this plague
with nothing left to trail behind
oh god please
Don't sully me
with baggage of a stratagem  
meant for you and not for me-
if I let myself think about it...
Apocalyptic Mantraseals drawn to
plastic rings
floating in the tide
crossing clothes lines
between the lofts
breath of prayers
still warm in the drifts
of cold war
hijacked plane
passing overhead
farmers wave
new constellations
on a midnight mission
shades of
Krishna robes
nuclear sunset
nothing left to regret
the holocaust
of a toxic horse
E.M.U - Episode 1: The Adventures of Brilliant Boy by bookloverblue The Search For A Milkshake
The man had not eaten for 5 days and nights,
and on the sixth day, he woke up
desiring only one thing in the world:
a milkshake.
So, he stepped out into the world,
looking for an ice cream shop.
The world seemed to be covered in concrete.
Dying yellow grass grew between the cracks
and hung on against the beating winds.
By the time the man reached the first shop,
the sign outside said it opened tomorrow.
There was surely a place open somewhere,
so he continued on.
The more he walked, the stronger the wind grew.
Sand that had been dormant for many days
suddenly flew into his face,
forcing him to shield his eyes.
The winds grew stronger still,
as those around him lost their footing
and tumbled away, helpless against nature.
It must have been hours before
in the distance, he saw amongst the concrete world
a banner, with OPEN written across it,
and an ice cream store.
Nothing good ever came easy.
Immortal EmberOh luminous star that bathes at sea
Such a blaze of light... faint clarity
Thy flame does ember, thus remember
In light of darkness, I burn with thee
All She Wantedi
The nurse walked across the hall with caution. She saw the man pacing around in frustration and smiled at his worry.
"Congratulations sir." She said, catching him off guard. "You are now a father of a beautiful girl."
She handed him the tiny little frame wrapped in a white thick blanket. Words could not express the joy the man felt in just holding his daughter in his arms. Just then, she opened her eyes; showing a pair of huge hazel eyes.
The little four year old girl raced across the airport. She was excited because she'd never been out of the country before but more importantly she was going to meet her daddy for the first time. She never saw him before because when she was just a little baby his work had made him leave her. She searched the crowd when her mother finally pointed out to a man in a black suit standing quietly, smiling. She ran towards him.
The nine year old girl walked into the bookstore with a guard beside her. Fitted in a custom made white dress and a purse
Kris by fly10 Passage to the Catacombs of TimeWhen day becomes empty
In the dusk,
When time without pictures begins,
Lonesome voices combine –
Animals are nothing more than the hunters
Or the hunted –
Flowers are only fragrance –
When everything becomes nameless like in the beginning –
You will go down to the catacombs of time
That will open to those
Whose end is near –
There where the heart seeds grow –
Deep into dark contemplation
You will sink –
Already passing death
That is only a windy passage –
And freezing from the exit
You will open your eyes
In which already a new star
Has left its reflection.
Let's Talk about HappinessWhat does it mean to be happy?
The word "happy" is denoted as being: characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy. So, what does this definition mean? Is it one shared by every person? How can this mental state be transformed into one that is physical?
The majority of people are aware of the phrase, "the pursuit of happiness". Being happy is what every person strives for and works towards, yet most people go their entire lives without ever feeling that they achieved true happiness. It's unfortunate, but nonetheless true. And then, there are those that give up on pursuing happiness because it seems like a goal that is impossible to reach; as well as others who consider happiness to be a foreign concept. Why is this so?
In my opinion, happiness is not an unattainable state. Happiness comes in many forms and each person experiences it in multiple ways. The trick is to stop believing that happiness is a tangible product that m
  Brain Is Lost
Brain is lost, find it.
We’re beyond the mediocrity.
That sweet spot where the shittiness of life lays,
we’ve passed it, and we’ve wrecked ourselves.
Where was my brain?
I told myself that I would restart
to let the new programming kick in,
and it’s gone now.
The amateurs were gone.
Or maybe they were still there,
but nobody cares since we have all this great stuff now.
The amateurs have lost control to the tech savy,
the autotuners who tune us out
the bastards who took flash and fizzled it out
with cold calculations
and m*********** on the top of machines
screaming, “I am the center of the universe!
I know how to make everybody like me!
I can grasp their attention for minutes,
for hours, minutes at a time!
Give me a bigger paycheck!”
Where was my head?
I travelled across the country to find something,
and I found many people’s minds.
They were soaked in formaldehyde,
unable to expand, unable to breathe.
The jars filled with brains sat on
The Bubble Man
The poor children became immune to the disease before everyone else. For everyone else, there were the filtration systems. That’s what the president was wearing, anyway.
Imagine it: an entire generation of adults and wealthy children walking around in space suits, just to avoid a few germs. The less fortunate faced the greatest plague head-on. The less flexible immune systems of the adults and the less developed immune systems of the smaller children proved a disadvantage. It wasn’t so bad, of course. Most societies can rebuild.
The president was doing a photo op with a local school, being taught by one of the few adults left alive. There wasn’t a lot of time between that and tending the crops, but the president felt it was necessary to steal a few of those minutes for a picture with the children. His giant, rubber padded hands touched the children’s shoulders, in the most reassuring way they knew how.
A shot of a child on the president’s Kevlar padded sho
Time Limit
I see them melting in the stands.
They liquefy and start to run.
I hold them close with rubber bands.
I grip them tight, with both my hands.
They all fall out, each one by one.
Just one more year, and I’ll be done.
I’ll have time soon to see the sky.
I’ll gaze into the brightest sun.
This cell can’t hold me, may it try,
but I’ll break free, with my throat dry
from screaming down the barreled gun,
“Just one more year, and I’ll be done!”
The coating will melt off the lie,
this vacuum will suck up the fun,
This hell I can’t afford to buy
Will devastate before I die.
My wired brain will only stun,
Just knowing how this fire pit won,
but I can’t wait until I fry,
Just one more year, and I’ll be done.
My friend has multiple rows of teeth.
Like a shark.
He yells at lots of people,
and he is my friend.
Sometimes, he sits in his office,
and breaks pencils,
one at a time.
My friend is two people.
One is called Mr. Agreeable.
Mr. Agreeable tries to solve everything.
He tries to be your friend too.
Mr. Agreeable assures me
that there is a way to solve problems
without destroying anything.
The other person is called Mr. Fixer.
Mr. Fixer is concerned about
not being rolled over.
He will make sure nothing
bad happens to him.
He’s less concerned with other people.
Mr. Fixer is also my friend.
I talk to him sometimes.
His jaw and tongue move,
but his teeth do the talking.
They tell me terrifying things.
They tell me that the true professional
is the one that doesn’t hesitate to pull the trigger.
I’m happy to have such a good friend.
Curious boy by clz 'The boy who collects heads' by ArtofMadameGrotesque A Feature That Screams EmotionMy favorite pieces of artwork often provoke an emotional response.
It always amazes me when a photo, poem or painting can make me FEEL so much. 
Tonight we celebrate artwork that screams emotion.




This Feature is for the Creating Awesome Features Contest, courtesy of :iconprojecteducate:
Dazzling by syuka-taupe #21o314 by nykolai choking on your elegy(tonight, tonight --)
our lips touch cerulean, and we witness
an exorcism of the heavens.
maybe god fell asleep on the job,
or maybe we were birthed with hysteria at the
skeletons exhumed from our graves of skin.
in other words, we refuse to be our own
Writers of the Revolution March 22ndFeatured WRITER
Featured by flummo
I like reading literature that makes me feel like I’m on the verge of something, or like the moment before drawing a curtain. You have an idea of what’s beyond it, but you won’t really know until you go see for yourself and to me, 91816119’s poetry feels like that breath, that pause before the big reveal. You can’t really touch that moment but that’s just what she’s able to capture. I can never get the numbers of her username memorized in order, and while they may be easy to forget, the same cannot be said of her poetry. If that sounded corny, I have no regrets because, well, see for yourself.

on the continuation of time.
"In sun-strewn bars,
light leaks in, pale shadows
of a lovely embrace.
A pensive contemplation of the passage of the seasons and what gets left behind in haunting, hush-hush imagery.
Brain FreezeApple, ice-cream, grape, cherry
All safely enveloped in-
Swirling and curling
Crushing the artery, and freezing the brain

Inch by inch
Morph the organ
To frozen H2O - - -
And then shatter
Into a million tiny pieces
Each warping to its’ own
A whirling mass of fluidity
That wanderlusts the most
And leaves me gasping.
Feature # 12Since I did not get any feedback (who am I kidding - they had only a few hours to do so) I will continue the features.
:bulletgreen: First of all, if you are looking for critiques or feedback on literature - you can find so in my group TheCritiquables and :iconannabellem:'s group LitCritiques Both are excellent groups and while we are slightly short on critics, we do ensure that works get feedback!
:bulletgreen: My plans are to make my group a supergroup and so any points donated for that purpose will be very appreciated! You can send points to me or :iconshehrozeameen: who is also handling the group with me. Tell him the donation is for the group otherwise it will be lost in oblivion.
:bulletgreen: One question about the features - should I include the deviants name or should I let it be? Do answer this :stare:
From Impressive Literature

:bulletgreen: There is much about this work that is beautiful. A simple yet dif
Give me a chance.
Give me a drink.
Give me a drink.
Give me a drink.
Give me a bucket.
I don’t see the light.
There is no light,
it was made up!
Magic is dead!
Give me a drink.
I don’t wanna sleep!
I don’t wanna eat!
Sleeping’s for the weak!
Eating’s for Sunday!
I have better things to do!
Give me a step.
Give me a microphone.
Give me a dollar.
Give Me Your Dollar.
I don’t wanna spend it.
I wanna watch it,
I wanna put it in a bank
and watch it,
This is the mirror.
This is your face in the mirror.
That man is dead!
His life is on a speed of light delay!
He’s a failure,
you can’t be that guy!
Give me your eyes.
Give me your attention,
I want everyone’s attention!
These are the final moments!
The world will end tomorrow!
Let me show you the new world!
It’s just over the hill!
Give me your attention!
Give me your faces!
Give me a chance!
Moondance by CrazyGirL44 Tent Pegging - 17 by InayatShah Highlands-19 by Kaarmen ... by apalkin February 28th by FramedByNature Giveaway
Want some happiness?
I am giving it away.
I haven’t the room.
There is a time of orange light,
when warm air wraps your hands so tight,
When memory cuts through violet night,
You do not know the way.
The parking lot will turn to trees,
watch every nearby puddle freeze.
So you have lost the beaten breeze,
Do not wait for the day.

Works by jackgunski and Malintra-Shadowmoon and bookloverblue were from :iconthecritiquables:, some of the photographs are from :iconevery-photo: and most of these poems are in :iconpoetrynprosewatchers: .

:iconthecritiquables: is going well, but the going is for a goal - and that goal, brothers and sisters has nothing to do with raping a nyan cat because it insults rainbows is a super group membership. In case you decide on donating, don't forget to specify if its for the group. And yes, my memory is wrecked in that respect :raincloud: .

What's the :group: about? Current Unappreciated Works Feature is online. So select upto three works from the journal, give them constructive critique, and then submit for the whole month. Administration guarantees critique on your works submitted. All of them.

Here's the feature:

Then, a new prompt is up for :iconpoetrynprosewatchers:

if you're more of a :+fav: person, then here's the place for you. The prompt is simple: you take your :+fav: and submit them to the prompt folder. Right now, its sacrifice (the previous one was death). This one's for a prolonged duration, so take your time on this.

Finally, :iconevery-photo:

Every Sunday, :group: Every-Photo does a feature of random works submitted to the group. They can be from the featured folder, or a combination of the other folders (such as photomanipulation or architecture or people), or just one feature with some sort of unique twist. Suggestions are always welcome to the group, so :note: me if you find any priceless gem :la: Here's last Sunday's feature

And finally, some personal random news for all of you.

  1. I got a list of deviations I need to read. I'll get to that whenever I can :dummy:.
  2. I did a collab with your-methamphetamine . Here's the thumb:

    sehnsucht/longingsweetheart, do you like looking at the sky
    (at night) when the moon {which forgot to say goodbye}
    had suggested to us that strange (Potter things)
    would be {leading to people getting high?}
    I don't know but I'm waiting for your answer
    I am livid,
    fluid and vapor. you let in a gasp of
    wispy summer nights in a soon-regretted
    impulse; I can taste the dulce
    moon in my ears with how
    loud you marked your return--
    I am here, love.
    You're beautiful. [How could you not be?!]
    While the skies whisper to me (of lost lullabies)
    {when dreams told me about my drear serenity}
    how else could I walk to the ends, amending
    A walk through a utopia [built from entropy]
    where you stand, smiling. [you're beautiful
    and I'm just one more face, looking (in vain)
    at the sky]... somewhere...
    though you are, but one face, I have been
    to the end of time itself
    and back to find
    just one dune of comet debris
    to equate to the way you have
    always seen me;
    that is not just one more star
    going out in this race
     (and her work as well)  sehnsucht/longingsweetheart, do you like looking at the sky
    (at night) when the moon {which forgot to say goodbye}
    had suggested to us that strange (Potter things)
    would be {leading to people getting high?}
    I don't know but I'm waiting for your answer
    I am livid,
    fluid and vapor. you let in a gasp of
    wispy summer nights in a soon-regretted
    impulse; I can taste the dulce
    moon in my ears with how
    loud you marked your return--
    I am here, love.
    You're beautiful. [How could you not be?!]
    While the skies whisper to me (of lost lullabies)
    {when dreams told me about my drear serenity}
    how else could I walk to the ends, amending
    A walk through a utopia [built from entropy]
    where you stand, smiling. [you're beautiful
    and I'm just one more face, looking (in vain)
    at the sky]... somewhere...
    though you are, but one face, I have been
    to the end of time itself
    and back to find
    just one dune of comet debris
    to equate to the way you have
    always seen me;
    that is not just one more star
    going out in th

    don't forget to send her some :+fav: and features and support.
  3. I did another interview. Just giving the heads up to let ya'll know that you should keep your eyes peeled and be vigilant :paranoid:
  4. I wrote another prose so if anyone's interested, this one might be right up your alley:

    Historical Fiction Contest - Letter #343Note: the following letter has been perused and approved by the Censorship Department of Her Majesty's Postal Service to British India.
    28th March 1909
    Abbu Jan,
    I hope that you and Amma and baray bhai are fine and well. I just managed to salvage a small amount of time to write to you this letter, informing you of my current position. I received the amount you sent via cheque two days back, and I was informed by Dr. Iqbal, our English Literature ustaad, that matters pertaining to my education in Government MAO College should not worry me that much. In fact, he's asked me to accompany him on one of his numerous dinners - a small little bit of respite from the hectic routine of the College, for the simple reason that what I've studied is being put into practice.
    I'm in good health. In fact, I've never been better - our College recently hosted a seminar on Mr. Kipling and Mr. Tagore. The former came on the request of our Principal, Prof. Robson - who succeeded

  5. I got new headphones today, so hopefully I'll be able to catch up on much needed writing - specifically the commission I have. My previous ones needed to be replaced :tears: curse the wretched fate of recyclable goodies :shakefist:.
That's about it really. I don't have much to say, but I'm wondering what's up at your end? How're ya'll doing? What're ya'll up to? Fill me in.


shehrozeameen has started a donation pool!
680 / 4,000
The purpose of this donation pool is to provide anyone participating in the prompts and contests of PoeticalCondition and to members of Every-Photo.

Your donations would be greatly appreciated.

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I personally love this haiku - while it is straightforward, its still open to suggestion; still general and abstract enough to be consi...

Critique is such a hard job - but somebody's gotta do it. I for one, am proud of my critiques.

What's the biggest reason for hanging out with me? (Because we all love being selfish sometimes, right?) 

19 deviants said You're a good friend :dummy:
8 deviants said You're a rarity (aren't we all)
4 deviants said Comment :bucktooth:
3 deviants said You're a dumb ass :bucktooth:
3 deviants said You're a good writer
3 deviants said You raise my chances of climbing the dA Literature ladder (plausible)
2 deviants said I'm selecting option six because I have to kill you
1 deviant said You're an idiot. Loyal, but still an idiot
1 deviant said You're someone I have a crush on (oh, how very likely indeed)
No deviants said I'm selecting option five because it means I can bash you :la:


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