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Poetry commissions
World-Inside-Me  Commission- The Heart of Serenity by shehrozeameen
TheGalleryOfEve Commission by shehrozeameen
ZieAwsomePrussia commission - Lirena's Exile by shehrozeameen
Kai45 Commission - For Wolfheart by shehrozeameen
Lissomer Commission by shehrozeameen
Provided are poems that I have written in different formats and using varying styles of presentation.  Each one is unique and each one has a semblance of its own.

length can vary between 8 lines and 19 lines. For epics requiring more then 19 line, I will require a detailed storyline about what you require.

themes: epics, melancholia, human nature, poetry, romanticism. No erotica. Dedications can be done. Eulogies can also be arranged.

Bear in mind that I am not a schedule driven poet. You will be notified during the drafting process, so that you can monitor the progress of the poem you commissioned from me.

I can complete one poem at a time.


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To the Woman buried by the lake
She sings for me a lullaby
And hopes to see me smile
The waves of the lake pass me by
Their songs drift, pass the while
I wait for you by the lake's edge
This soul is pierced, this soul's wedged
I wait for you
I wait for you
melancholy stands on a ledge
The maiden clad in red, she cried
"Come back!" she's heard for miles
She, a ghost, here does her soul lie
A spectre of the isle
"I will not cry!" She had once pledged
Condemned for crimes, a stake was fetched
"I will not cry!"
"I will not cry!"
But she was burnt, so 'tis alleged
For these words heard, for her who died
By the hands, of our guile
She had found peace, this grave hides
No intents bad or vile
"Farewell, and know, that on this stretch
The peace you sought, has now been etched
Farewell! and know -
Farewell, and know:
Your story spawned many a sketch..."
Rub'i of PerfectionThe whispers of dewdrops which leave me astride
And sent me shivering, to my virgin bride
By the gods, she is a blessing of heaven
A work of perfection, purity - my pride!
She Who Stands And Watches me Wither Day by DayShe, who stands and watches me wither day by day
And hope, alas, that my sorrow will be absolved
Leave me be, for I am lost, damned to be astray
Of what would you know of these regrets that I say?
If emotions were an equation, they'd be solved
She, who stands and watches me wither day by day
I shudder for her, don't you see me drift away
lost in my own thoughts, delusional, uninvolved
Leave me be, for I am lost, damned to be astray
For her I think, and for her I persisted, prayed
even if there's more in life, I felt unresolved
She, who stands and watches me wither day by day
Now you come to see me, and tell me I should stay
And hear the chapel bells ring, and not be involved?
Leave me be, for I am lost, damned to be astray
My only regret was this burden, which I weigh
I had never spoken, whenever she had called
She, who stands and watches me wither day by day
Leave me be, for I am lost, damned to be astray

Considering that I haven't posted anything for this month for the time being, here's three works which you can give a read till I post anything. Cheers :)


Shehroze Ameen
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hi! :wave: My name is Shehroze Ameen.

I'm at present working in the following groups:

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:groups: :iconpoeticalcondition: - Head of the Critique Department - send a :note: whenever if you want to apply as a critic to me, prettyflour or Michel-le-fou . For more details, see this journal: Critique Department Update: Critic Openings!EDIT: Duties of Critics have been added in this notice. Thanks fernknits for pointing that out. Appreciate it. :)
Hey Everyone! My name's shehrozeameen and I recently became the new Head of the Critique Department of PoeticalCondition.
This was an administrative decision taken by our boss RiseandBe. I'm succeeding NotenSMSK, who started the critique department. A gem of a boss honestly - punctual, very dilligent in his approach, and particular about how the department was being maintained. Suffice to say, life is more than dA in the end.
Me and NotenSMSK keep in touch outside of dA, so rest assured he's doing well and is in good health - but he's become busy post-graduation due to a job and other non-dA related exercises which require his fullest potential. It was a mutual decision from all three sides.
And thus, ladies and gentlemen, I have something big to tell all of you:

:groups: :iconthecritiquables: - Second in Command - a place where you get critique in exchange for critique given to members :heart: . The rules are provided in the unappreciated journal features posted every month. Come on over!

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What else.... I love :dalogo:. If you need somebody to :+devwatch:, or need someone to talk to about something, :note: me. but if your serious about progressing forward, I'll do my level best to help you out in any way possible...

Looking forward to what people feel about my works :)


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:new: Apart from dA, I'm also :typerhappy: in the following writing websites. Cheers. :)

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I am available for commissions as well (writing mostly :pencil: ). Here's the thumb to my commission details: Commissions OpenName of commissioner: shehrozeameen :iconshehrozeameen:
Type of Commission: poetry
Number of commissions done:
From the commissioner:
I love writing poetry, frankly speaking. I can write a poem between 8 and 19 lines. Provided that the theme has been carefully told by the customer, I will send drafts of my progress as often as I can. I can write in both traditional and non-traditional formats.
So far as traditional are concerned, I am not particularly good with sonnets, but I have a decent assessment of syllable count. I don't follow meter. Having said that, I have written terza rimas, rub'iyaat, villanelle, ott
and its only for 20 :points: (my cut is 16 :twocents: , if you want it in real life amount).

Don't hesitate to go :typerhappy: when you wind up looking at my works :) Cheers.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! :wave:

So anyways, I hope that all of you have been well :) New Year, 2015 now begins! And here we are, ready to begin a new year, a new age, a new era for all of us to start and ponder on what life has to offer :dummy:

And life has indeed a lot to offer, so here's my first 2015 journal. Lets begin :squee:


I finally managed to finish reading the deviations in my stack. And what wonderful works they were :) So, here's the list:

I saw the mountains stretching into infinity.
These red brick mountains, monuments of someone’s achievements,
The walls never stopped,
the mountain went up forever and
I was back where I started.
I climbed up each step, forever.
Look into infinity,
look into infinity and blink.
I saw the fields before me,
a single road covered in yellow leaves, not dead
because they had life again.
They had life on this waterlogged road,
they were flat, but they jumped
and if you looked at them long enough
you could see on the edge of your perception
just look into infinity,
look into infinity and blink.
I danced on the treetops,
They bounced beneath my toes.
I saw the world.
I saw it in the distance,
and while I was far away for a moment,
while I was away from the tragedy,
my own thoughts,
I was free.
Look ahead,
beyond the buildings,
the roads,
just up ahead, there it is.
Look into infinity.
Look into infinity, and blink.

The Fear (WIP)It began out of fear.
A pang of pain.
A twisting gear
That rang the gong inside my head
As loud as the bells that shake in the eastern wind.
I wanted what was best for me
And I knew what that would entail.
To create a little harmony,
I needed to tip the scale.
Humanity blues
Solved with a glimpse of red;
As it pours down into the streets in the rain,
A thousand volts run through my brain.
Fear turned to love.
A shining light.
A voice from above
That rang the gong inside my head
As loud as the bells that shake in the eastern wind,
At the church
In the square, in the centre of town
On the funeral day for the body they found.
And the smoke that wafts,
From my little loaded gun,
Is sweet and soft
Mixed with the reds that run.
I forsaw the growing crimson stain
Though for a moment I was stunned;
(I am only sane)
But I washed it away when I let the water run...
Down my back
In the shower of my sanctuary
On the day that this turned into a tragedy.
I lose my mind...
I lose my mind...
With e
which isn't a bad read per se, Although I feel that there is significant room for improvement here and there :) Comments and improvements will help this artist. For sure.

fortune cookie bitter ghosts in sugar shells, leave your shoes outside 
sour sweet-talk gets you far- you shoot for regicide 
 i'll vivisect and double-break you; paper tongues can't shriek 
your terracotta teeth won't hurt me- myths and doublespeak 
i'll crawl inside my own rib cage and climb up Babylon 
and when your lucky numbers die, i'll know that you are gone
self-pity i linger in a corner like the song you always skip
my teeth spill out like curdled milk- they fall, and splash, and drip
the bogeyman inside my head, he tells me i'm no good
his hands curl up around my neck; they're honest, crystal- nude 
i choke on words, can't get them out, they're trapped inside my lungs
no pens no swords just vocal chords- can't help but speak in tongues
Self portrait of me by Lynnae-Madison Sky and Cloud Stock by MelikeBAt subspace holds fantasies and is one.subspace holds fantasies and is one.
society’s a drug dealer
and sells dreams like crack
ing into your psyche
deeper than your
psycho-psychology professor
psychosis neurosis
should’ve never held this
close to your chest
live and learn
and realize phantasm
is a phantom in a hearse
humanity’s a collection
of whores horrors
and horses galloping and hurdling
till they’re shot
chopped livers
boil and gurgle
before they’re broiled
gargoyles black and
violet violent voila
this magic fuckery
right in the vagina
now the sclera shading
nighttime nightmares
in the white of your eyes
sunglasses transparent
letting subspace (be)completely
diffused by the dominant
alpha dog called society
bend over, elbows down
ass in the air
‘cause you’re only
monogamous to life

Eternal LoveIs your love as infinitely
Deep as infinity?
Is your love as furiously
Mad as fury?
Then your love is real
And know how I feel
I will eternally
Love her into eternity
She is a Poem within a Poem
A homage to my heart's home
She's so spectacular
I love her
Can your love withstand
Time's cruel hand
When your hearts meld
Can they be held?
Can your love survive infinity
Throughout all eternity?
© Jerry Langdon 2014
- a food for thought, truly. ;)

AlaudidaeLittle Lark,
The moon trembles with your wing beats.
Do not let the wolves whittle lies
into your hallowed bones, for you
were never miniscule. You are
centimeters contorting into meters,
minute millimeters morphing
into a colossal kilometer.
Your shadow prowls the hunting grounds,
but you are no killer. Kind hearted
birds are more than powerless prey.
Loveliest Lark, surround yourself
with temperate touches and
weave wonder into those you come across.
And while white fireflies blink
in their lighthouse language,
know that there is hope slung
beneath your fluttering feathers.

I was hypnotized by lust and her name was Liliana Meyersou. I was fascinated by every move she made, the way her pinky finger twitched and flexed but never bent; she said it was due to an injury in her childhood: a fracture that was never seen by a doctor. Even just the sight of watching her rub her feet because she always insisted on uncomfortable heels made me quiver with every motion. It was my destiny to carelessly fall in love. And how in love I was, my nails dug crescent ditches into my own palm every time I saw her with her fiance. Every day I burned her image into my retina so at night in the privacy of my home--the one I had prepared so nicely for us--I could close my eyes and fantasize with the afterimage of her deformed pinky finger or blistered feet. 
One day I was even bold enough to speak to her. She was sit
which was in my opinion, even with the mature content, a very good story.

absent resolvei.
i cradle my hope
with both hands,
as if holding it close
will give it the warmth
to stay alive.
when you come near
it flares and rustles,
begging to take flight;
yet i am both caress
and cage.
we have confused our signals,
mixed our drinks and
never together.
closure looms ominous
but i would rather forget
than be caught in this
luminous void of
perhaps -
i am weak
and perhaps
you are blind,
we, silent,
are nothing
perhaps we could be
if only we spoke.
you have unknowingly
twisted yourself
in helical fundamentals
about my identity,
shaped me in
absence and
the embers of
a chance.
i wish i knew
when to release
this frail hope.
we're both drunk
and you're shaking,
caught in a moment
neither here nor now.
entwined fingers
bring you back to
the present, and i linger
but you are eager to eclipse
this vulnerability,
so you run.
i'm too afraid to ask,
but at least the question's
we're both cowards.
To The NorthThe sky was a grey mass without any textures. It looked as if someone had carefully painted it, ensuring it was evenly coloured. The sun was hiding somewhere above the thick blanket of clouds and only the general lightness revealed it was actually day. A cold wind whirled brown leaves over the street. Even without snow, there was no doubt about the season. The autumn had been grey and rainy, but now, even the clouds seemed to have frozen in place. The air was dry, taking away every bit of humidity it could find. Another wind gust followed the course of the street and tugged at my cloak, searching for an opening. It was successful and I wished for an additional part of tights to wear. Two were obviously not enough.
Suddenly I saw him.
He stood out of the masses of people rushing from one place to the other, though I couldn't really tell why. He was not the only one wearing colours instead of the omnipresent shades of black. Not even his impressively huge backpack was unique. A lot of pe
#126 Forever Is As Long As It Lasts by Manouilidis

LenoreWhat days have passed when summer’s last
Has come and then gone by?
When its breath grew small and it came to fall
To hold man’s thrall with leaves and bleary sky:
‘Tis time to say goodbye.
In summer’s wake came us to the lake,
The lake! Just her and I.
We sat under a willow on earth soft as a pillow
Gazing at the billow of waves and clouds on high
That waved for us to say goodbye.
‘Twas her the seraphs did adore, her the cherubs named Lenore,
A maiden with my heart allied.
With countenance fair and flaxen hair,
Such beauty rare upon my eye,
Thus loath was I to say goodbye.
Amid the foam and grassy loam
I paused, about to cry.
"Lenore," said I with quavering voice, "I have no choice
But to leave your poise and quiet sighs,
The time has come to say goodbye."
Her gaze, it traveled to my soul, there upon that grassy knoll,
But from her mouth came one word: "Why?"
Our fears welled up in burning tears
As sharp as spears that fatally fly:
"Because we have to say good
and A Song of Obsidian (Edgar Allan Poe Tribute)Upon one Night’s solemn, a dream caressed my soul darkly,
And I awoke with all light failing, dying in cold winds bewailing
“A ghostly curtain,” I declared!—beyond my window peering;—
A wanton Lover that beshrew my deepest slumber
To what pleasures might arise, before my last breath is taken—
Surely I will ponder in gardens bleeding obsidian
Twas a Winter’s song, I recall—she first loomed upon the ages;
A fable—wherest my skin still broods in those dark torn pages
My beloved once wed;—now an apparition wild and seething
Her beauty tis but a lament, forever lost in my soul, haunting—
This winged-Demon outside, dripping terror from the trees;—
Unto a night of dread—a tempest of ebon seas
Decay hath become wine thru many Moons bleak and passing
Yet this black figure threatens my carriage of madness;—
“I beseech thee,” she bemoaned, clad in crimson shadows
A Goddess or Demon, returned in naked p
are Edgar Allen Poe tributes - to each their own, although I'll be frank and admit that ArthurCrow had the more unique approach in his poem, while stylistically Parsat did have a more obvious Poe presentation.

Age is But A Number              They told me
              That I looked
              Older than
              I really am.
              For years people assumed
              The number of my days
              Was way beyond
              What they really were.
              I carried myself
              With the utmost maturity.
SolaceQuiet mornings tremble 
Beneath my aching fingertips
I curl you into my fist and squeeze
Bros4Lyfe by CadaverousDingo ExcavatedI am the substance of archaeology -
the authentic goddess of earthenware.
Each nail trimmed in terracotta clay,
each bare shoulder gracefully glazed.
Blue eyes spun like pottery wheels.
Young heart heated, oven-infused.
The last vase standing in a field.
CreativityTear out some paper,
Grab your trusty pen.
Take a sip from your
Frothy hot chocolate.
Understand that this is
Where the work begins.
Let all the gears groan
In pleasurable torment.
Words appear and vanish,
Flashing behind your eyes.
Try and catch them with
Your eager butterfly net.
ONCE I HAD A DREAM...Once I had a Dream...but she was hollowed
out by the mad delirium she met in me,
without a vent from these veil of shadows
my soul bequeathed my discarded Dream to
the dust that quietly gathers between the
bones of Eternity, but I found a spade
half-hidden among the wilted petals on my
pillow and as I dug in my half-awake state,
I made a place of hallowed remembrance
for my ailing Dream to rest awhile,
I felt she deserved to live in some stray
form or other, so I watered her with the
bedtime maroon of my tears and fed her
the marrow of a melody, sweetly sung
by a nightingale before a daytime nightmare
clipped her wings, I nurtured and cherished her
in the sweetest dessert of Darkness,
for she was a part of me that was too
precious to endure the lies of adulthood,
only in the liberated recall of my inner self
she lives, an iridescent whirlpool of our
own design, she keeps me never lonely
...but always and ever loved.
August 18, 2014
© Jewel MoonSilver Knight - All rights reserved
Isolde aux blanches mainsTristan
Oh, Tristan...
You were
My shadow, my sun
My lover, my heir
As you slowly die in the
arms of the other me
fairer hair but darker hands
I stare into the cup of sorrows and the lyre and I know
Tu fus ma plus belle mort...

Secret Santa: Bahogar by blacky91 KICK ASS!!!!

I failed. by Knifapotamas AllAboutInterviewSkin by TheGalleryOfEve ProphylacticIf love doth be like winter’s day, 
clad in black, little light,
No… more so grey.
I beckon light candles abundant, 
Defy the terror of night’s sigil.
Lest it too shall take me ‘way.
Ere love doth chill in bosoms core,
I implore, I implore,
Dwindle in candle’s light,
Beacon of truest delight.
Where love doth shine the brightest.
Ere this too unspoken.
O’ver come this blackened day.
For love doth be like summer’s day,
That not nothing more than the light of candle lit,
That I say, that I pray.
beats back the wings of death’s prophet.
Ere this love too shalt fade.
RiverbendMaking my thoughts bend
Like the curves in the river
But in the end
The flow will never differ
My legs are like the water
Heading for the fall
How the rocks try to slow me
They make no difference at all
Check My Brain by Spiritomb1231 Scan...Compute Human Analogy
No feelings detected.
2nd Test
Error...No limbs detected
Final Test
Heartbeat ratio
....nothing detected
No feelings
No limbs
No heart
Target dead
Ace and Clover Page oneI sit down in the cold classroom awaiting the teacher to greet the new 7th graders. I decide to sit in the front row of desk so that maybe this year I will learn not to be so shy & quiet like I always am & maybe finally be noticed. I sigh knowing that will never happen unfortunately, but I suppose it helps to be hopeful right? I push away all the stupid thoughts of popularity & pull my book out of my bag & begin to write another part of my story.
Tip #5
~Don't worry about your appearance when going into a new grade
I personally know a tons. Literal TONS of girls who change how they look drastically every year & get super dressed up no matter the weather. Its kinda annoying & pretty stupid of them in my opinion. All I have to say is new year same kids. If you really want to change how you look go right ahead I am not telling you not to I just want to get across that if you are changing something about you do it for YOU NOT THEM. People & places last a

Glint by Physco-Matter a really good render. In my opinion anyway :D

444 Deviations
444 deviations:
2/3rd's satanic,
on the way to famous!
(A tribute to cattservant )

The Olympian project: Goddesses (total fr/en)I Hécate
Vêtue d’ombres fines
comment pourrait-elle cacher
longtemps sa clarté
Dressed in shadows sheer
how could she be hiding her
luster for so long
II Artémis
Le sable d’or fin
cherche la bénédiction
de vos pas perdus
The sands of fine gold
seek the benediction of
your absent footsteps
III Hestia
Dame de lumière
les arches bleues de l’éther
sont vides sans vous
Lady of the light
the blue arches of my sky
are void without you
IV Aphrodite
Glissant doucement
la soie sur sa peau dorée
raisins blonds sucrés
Gracefully gliding
this silk on her gilded skin
heavenly white grapes

V Héra

Couronne de neige
bijoux colorés qui sonnent
colère divine
Crowned by noble snow
colorful jewels that chime
thy fury divine
VI Perséphone
Quelques fl
a collection of haikus which are, in my humble opinion, nice portraits of the Greek mythological gods and goddesses. Really nice for a quick read :)

Ode to the Sun GodOde to the Sun God, how do I reach you?
burning alive to keep me warm
burning alive and twisting form
flaring up and waving to me
solar waves are straying through the
atmosphere to give me something
not of earthly muds and bringing
something but the dark and cold
my star my warmth my light my old
mythology, my closest glow in space
my incandescent a'blazing grace
Sun God,
retire now my orbit falls
into your glow I know the walls
of frantic fusion fuss and fail
Sun God finally exhale
breath into the dark your glory
Sun God now you end the story
star of paupers, kings, and creatures
supporting so many features
Sun God, holding oaks, hibiscus,
with your breath you dared to kiss us,
Sun God, making wolves, zelkova,
Sun God rest now; Supernova.
:clap: a must read

ways we constellatea. dictitious
am well-woven.
am a spell
that does not release
and never tells.
these constructions
i allow,
and better
to speak in hearttones
and hymnbeats
on rugged pavements.
have built
this body has
forgotten its infinite
beatings, denied
itself the luxury
of acceptance.
this body has
remembered its lovers'
last names, phone numbers,
birthmarks and kindness--
the only cruelty this vessel knows
is from its middles;

have riddled 
myself into
c. capabuilt
these hands
are imbued
with patient dynamism
and ichor
that the goddesses
they have moved
mountain ranges
and hoisted dark seas
then returned them
tell me baby, what's your story?                                         i love you to the moon
                                         and back again, babycakes
                                         were the words you tattooed
                                         on the inside of my eyelids
                                         and waking to see strands
BALDER - Vol.1 (PDF) by Elite-Pirate (a must read)   Defying the omenFaith is both an honor and a curse
as your fist rests upon my brow,
hoping it won't lessen this fever
and the portents of scarab oracles
that have you trading in a
life of always just one more day
for an urn of emblazoned frescoes
with processions of maids and of bulls
filled with my ashes, bright as bone.
IllusionMy heart is in my sleeves
An illusion no one can't believe
Almost all people fall for my trick
But someone in the crowd made it weak
My cards fall to her mind
The first to happened in my life
I'm not trying to deceive her
But she saw what is behind my mirror
So I start on being better
And I want to make her believe
Falling for me won't be a mistake
It's a promise that can't mislead
With her presence and not her words
She gave me a reason to live
Even she is far from my own world
Her mark from the start won't fade on me
Illusion is one of a kind
It can make people go blind
But when she saw my illusion
I found love to only one person
Aouda (Around The World For 80 Days) by MakoTM the road less travelled. The trees creak above my arms
raising eyes to the sky, breathing
snowflake-dusted songbirds
draw the horizon against the clouds;
I count the footprints on my palms,
dread the smell of you
lingering on the back of my tongue,
no respite from the blood
pumping the berries red raw,
burning with their lonesomeness.
Should I pass this way? the lights
tell me so; I can't see
past the glimmering city's 
arching back, pressing me hard
against the wall, engulfing me --
the songbirds don't sing any more,
they don't sing for me.
And should I pass this way? 
the last tower of affection
I melt into the thawing sea ice
dribbling, cadaverous glacier
of candle wax, licks the ocean breeze
and my eyes fill with brine.
You are perched upon my shoulder,
tying knots in the telephone wires
and piano strings, till the singing voice
cries to its own requiem
and the songbirds fade and die.
They drop like overripe apples
from the trees. 
I can feel the blush in my cheeks
soaking through m
LighthouseBruised, beaten, burnt to char;
But no longer woe was she.
As she spreads black, the evenings scar
To lay to rest his memory.
Too long she’s lain under his reign;
Her heart disheveled, sad and caged.
Freedom lies within the pain,
And now a calm within the rage.
No more of hiding, nor of fear
While burying her wounding knife,
She sheds one solitary tear
Only for the loss of life.
“Lighthouse”, She prays,
“Lead me home tonight!”
“Something I've never had”, she says,
“Is a future: clear and bright”
Which Do You Prefer, Hot or Cold?There is a town named Fortuna that has a most unusual guardian. The guardian's name is a nineteen year old girl named Snjór White. She is a brave, yet kind, warrior who mainly relays on ice in battle. Not only can she conjure up icicles and launch them at opponents, she is also extremely agile and can fight for a long time. In her spare time, she enjoys ice hockey, ice cream, and snowball fights. Normally she's always on a constant vigil, never letting her guard down for anything bad, or out of the ordinary, thing to occur. However, she'll discover that some of the things she likes can get the better of her.
One winter morning after a snowball fight with her pet snow dragon, Aeron, Snjór felt a little rumble in her belly.
Snjór: *feels rumbling belly* "Boy, all that snowball fighting is making me hungry. I know, I'll have those ice cream sandwiches I made."
She got to her bag that contained her delicious dessert
SoarOut the corner of my eye
I see you, afar, happy
I feel myself rotting
From the inside
And clinging
To the past, so dead
So far and so dead…
I wrap my scarf like a noose
And without a trace, I wipe away
These unshed tears, and for once
I smile
Playing with the Sun by PaulVonGore sand and saltMy head is a buoy bobbing
just above the brink,
and I can see for miles—
water: rising and falling
like chests of the comatose,
tossing me back and forth
like a sculptor with clay,
slamming fists against the shore
like an boxer champion.
When I was four years old,
I tried to make the sea
in a bucket, sand and salt.
It lay flat. I was perplexed.
Why weren’t there tiny tides
or smaller roars and retreats?
Now I know why.
The greatest things cannot be condensed
to 200 milligram painkillers
for pulling from purses or pants’ pockets
when you want or need a dose.
The greatest things aren’t convenient;
They are the sea, they are love, they are God.
I learned from the sea
to enjoy these moments
as I feel their electric currents jolt
through my fingertips
straight to my heart
because they can’t be felt again,
even if I’ve got a red bucket
full of saltwater and sand.
Hands by Kamal-Q Blissall my thoughts
and emotions
are tucked in a
suitcase labeled
as your feet
paddle another
perfect circle
and i press my
cheek against
your back,
we are simply
cycling with no
but the echo
of our laughter
in the air
and that sense
of happiness
     with us.
Triolet Of FaithDo you endeavor to hear God's refrain
Amid life's wild and tumultuous gale?
When sense your faith beginning to wane
Do you endeavor to hear God's refrain?
When your heart is overwhelmed with pain
And when in your slumber, nightmares assail,
Do you endeavor to hear God's refrain
Amid life's wild and tumultuous gale?

From the Tower of GilgesheThe rooster crows on every hour
To warn the peasants, who shrink and cower
From the black, forsaken tower
Where lives a wizard of malignant power
Who wanders forth and raises hell
With many a curse, a hex, a spell
And villagers wait where they do dwell
Until they hear the morning bell
At which point the said wizard falls
Unconscious due to many brawls
And pints of ale, his progress stalled
By stumbling footsteps and careless calls.
a very epic read, although I feel that the lack of an ending couplet made it feel like a shortfall in my opinion.

the recklessness i discarded to the starshe still lingers in the poems on my wrist
in the scars that were never even there
but still refuse to leave my sight
he had the sky in his eyes,
mid-afternoon beauties so blinding and searing and painful
i couldn't help but gaze up at that sun
but god, i am so much lower
my eyes are the color of an early dusk
an ending and the tears
of tiring children
there is no sunset or fingerpainting
just the darkness
just the sadness before the stars and moon and romance
i have never held a love so true
for someone i didn't even love at all
and the facts are all there
the math checks out even now
i still wish that the blankets smothering me at night
could be his arms
no fanfare, no love
just reality and his scarily clear eyes
on an overcast day when i am unafraid of heights
and freedom
maybe that's all i really wanted from the start
Birthday CakeLast year I wished I was dead. They all clapped and cheered. Can true love really happen?She dances,
Delicately around him.
Engulfing him in flames of affection.
He is falling,
Falling slowly for her.
AS she smiles and focuses only on him,
He only focuses on her.
Fireworks engulf them as they fall,
Fall only for each other.
He falls for her,
And she falls for him.
Months later and they are still forever together,
She is the dancer,
And he,
The joker.
That is One Gory Blue Cat by TinyBlueCat Black and WhiteI dream of a city,
empty and alone.
No one's here,
nobody's home.
The silent storm
wants to tear me,
tear me in two.
Cold or Hot?
East or West?
The sky is spitting
a billion feathers.
Black feathers
and white feathers,
swirling around
my head.
They try to get in,
my mouth blows,
blows them away.
But a single feather
falls straight down
right into my hand.
A single gray feather.
I clench my hand
and hold it close,
close to my heart.
The Seal of the Gate of Violence by WingsUnchained Battered Book by Somnolent-Droid Bygones There is a burned building 
at the end of the road
its hollow eyes,
loved once,
still guarding wishes 
of happier days.
You try to remember 
one of your forevers
and like waves,
like fire
they all come back 
all those always
sworn upon falling stars,
matching minutes,
tossed coins.
It's your history now
foundation of memories -
it didn't last,
it doesn't hurt
and in the darkness 
of this dying night
your eyes are dry
for every other truth
still remains.
There is a burned building 
at the end of the road.
Saskia by seven11ART The Dream That Could Not BeIt was a dream that I dreamed.
It was a dream, that I knew.
It was something about this dream, that
Could not come true.
It was something I said.
It was something I did.
It was something I wish I said, but
Never said at all.
It was this time I remember...
It was this time I was confused.
It was, you see, the dream I dreamed that
Really came true.
It was one thing I said...
It was one thing I did...
It was one thing I thought about saying, and
Now I wish I did.
It was a time, I'll remember.
It was a dream, that could not come true.
It was a dream that could be avoided... but
Instead I hurt you.
So there's something I said.
And there's something I did.
It was something I didn't want to say, but
That's what I had to do.
You're still very close.
Yet still so very far.
There is something I wish I could say now, but
That's what I cannot do...
I love you.
visiting Melvillemy fingers feel the dents
of the boat's curved bed
puddled with mud water, nails
slipping through knots
like a ghost--
a landscape
with fishnet frames
and a barefoot sole
where the living used to reside.
it is here where he rests,
a cane on one corner
and a harpoon in the other--
sailor hands and a room
filled with smoke
as he waves his warm welcome.
Generations (to and from)my dear,
who told you that it was wrong to love the skin that covers your bones. who told you it was wrong to love with a heart open, a mouth quick, hands strong, and feet steady? who told you that it was wrong to yearn for someone fill the cracks in you that the world so easily gave you—who told you it was even worse to seal your own cracks and heal your own bruises? who told you that your love was wrong, that people can’t love each other both regardless and because of their twisted hearts and battered minds?
my darling,
who told you that fighting yourself for your existence not normal? who told you that the only battles worth fighting are the ones we witness? who told you that people are the worse demons? who told you that only those who are weak feel broken? who told you that every hurt has a reason for its existence? who told you that your pain doesn’t matter because others have it worse? who told you that strength comes only from power? who told you that somet
Hatred Threatened by your words and thoughts
Life is worth my beating heart
You can't destroy what I have left
Let me be happy through life's threats
You are nothing compared to me other then a memory
Dying deep inside I find your corpse of life is left behind
Save me from your hatred
your Depression
Save me from you
Your threatening eyes won't leave me in a bind
Die within your sorrowed mind 
Decapitate with your life's crimes
You are no longer apart of me which sooner or later you will see
I'm the better person here waiting for life's change
While you die and burn withering with rage
The Horror StoryMy horror should turn to grit that chokes the rusting cogs of passing breaths.
It should sneak into crevice and corner until each pirouette of a clock hand crunches
a desperate death rattle into the mid-December hysteria. It should.
I want my terror to ooze into the machinery of existence and permeate the iron.
I want it to coat, and coax wheels off their axels as my mind spins out of control.
The whole world should grind it's internal organs like black pepper. To a halt.
The stars should feel the chill of my desperation and slide sluggishly down the sides of the sky
dripping burning nitrous into our eyes that in turn melt out of their sockets.
I want every subatomic particle of life itself to suddenly stop, mid sentence.
This is the way the world should fall apart.
This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends.
Not with a bang but with a resolutely maternal voice, strong as gravity, growling "Cancer."
I want the world so still that I will see the traces of the dead le

The Seed of the Hierarchal Plains: Part 1Good day my fair friend
Today I narrate
To you a new tale
Of one long lost state
The Hierarchal Plains
Amidst the two lands
Of the east and west
Of forests and sands
This land was most ancient indeed
The helm of its rule
Held Sages of old
With magic and might
With mountains of gold
With weapons that held
The power to kill
Any who’d oppose
As and when they should will
Against them no one would succeed
These plains that were teeming
With riches abound
Seemed peaceful and happy
With people around
All about their business
In earthy pursuits
They busied themselves
And all followed suit
There apparently was no more greed
But all was not quite
As how it may seem
For within this land
Rebellion did teem
They hid themselves well
And struck when they could
In hopes that the Sages
One day, kill, they would
They only wanted to be freed
But these men of power
Struck down every foe
And to every relative
They bro
while this is a well thought out poem, in my opinion, I feel that the better poem is this:

Just for youI wish, in wistful longing, just for you
and into sweetest fantasies escape
since when I gave my heart and said "I do"
In wonder as to how this longing grew
I search for how this love has come to be
I wish, in wistful longing, just for you
Your thoughts have gave me joys, yes quite a few
Such lovely feelings, fleeting, come and go
As if my mind's been tinted with your hue
and I do wait for these thoughts to come true
as I do wait for your sweetest embrace
I wish, in wistful longing, just for you
And I do hope, my love, we'll soon get through
To where, between us, walls do not prevail
Where we can love each other as we do
And 'til that time, 'til we receive our cue
until God does our union, for us, will
I wish, in wistful longing, just for you
and promise, my love, that I shall stay true
:clap: I don't care if I sound like a biased prick for preferring the villanelle over the long poem, its well written, bloody heartwrenching, and damn its sincere. Well done in my opinion, Bloody well done. Honestly :)

MythicKnights Contest Entry - Selfie by SaintOfTheDragons Lindsey Stirling (fanart) by manasi3194 The Green Man WIP by Top-Hat-Wolf , the tempestyour dizzy breath fascinates the wings of birds
    overhead -  remember to drink
the luck of the universe; swirl her around
inside your mouth
and when morning comes and your tiny lungs
        g    a    s    p
for air,
dream of the innocent.
Homeward Bound by darkallegiance666

Now, onward to the journals:

Open For CommissionsPosting this to both Deviantart and Furaffinity, so bear with me on the things that are only available on one site. For instance, point prices are only for Deviantart and Sexy things are available for Furaffinity. I'll put a note if it's only for one site rather than the other... And examples may be changed per site. ANYWAYS, onto prices and such...
DIGITAL JOURNAL DOLL (STATIC) ... 200 points / $2 via paypal
INCLUDES: Single non-moving journal doll (120x120 px) NO BACKGROUND. If you want couple or group journal dolls it will be 100 points / $1 for every extra.
DIGITAL JOURNAL DOLL (ANIMATED) ... 300 points / $3 via paypal
INCLUDES: Single simple animated journal doll (120x120 px) NO BACKGROUND. If you want couple or group animated journal dolls it will be 200 points / $2 for every extra. Simple animations include: Tail wagging, head bobbing, blinking, POSSIBLY walking, obviously not all at once th
News! And More News.SO...
First of all,
:party: Happy New Year! :party: 
And now for some...
Good News and ... Just some news =)
Just News:
I'm going to be selling some of my old character designs to earn some money to do a college course, soooo, look out for those! I'll also be whacking up some stuff on ebay which I'll post here for anyone interested at the time, too. Again - raising money for college course and to pay off my car... ^^; 
Good News:
I am in the process of HOLY SH--------- DRAWING! ... I know, shock city! I haven't drawn for like... 6 months, but thanks to :iconzebucompany:, I am finally getting back into art as he bought me this amazing book on 201 ways to beat art-block / get back into creativity, for Christmas. I can't thank him enough~~~ :love:
More News:
At the moment, I have sketched all owed artwork, and as soon as I fix my tablet, I'll start getting them all finished! =) I currently have some software issues with
Christmas CommissionsI'm trying to raise good money for Christmas shopping. My family deserves something very special this year and I don't have time to make things as I'm super busy with other project for other people lol
So, here's what I'm thinking. Everyone who's interested asks me to design an outfit of their choosing and they offer me the payment they think fits. Every little bit helps.
Same policies apply:
All payments made by PayPal. All payments must be completed before orders are submitted. No refunds, only free redoes.
I hope to spread and receive some Holiday Cheer. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!
CommissionsHello Everyone! It has been so long since I have been on but here I am haha :D Well I decided to do poetry commissions with this you get full rights you pay for it you get full rights to it as well. Also with that I'm also saving up points for different things so feel free to donate as well. Also with the first 20 commissions you will get two poems for the price of one I've decided. Be sure to spread the word if you would like! and  I hope everyone enjoys the Holidays and if your on break your break as well. Happy Holidays and be safe! ^.^ :hug:

December Lit DD Round Up :iconIrrevocableFate: Features by IrrevocableFate
words to say to your reflection by aprilwednesday
:icongrimface242: Features by GrimFace242
Show It, Don't Tell It by GoldenNocturna Said the Peasant to the King by TruthisTruth Joy by haphazardmelody 7:00AM by Canis44 The Husband by rsbohn Hometown Glory by sense-and-stupidity Misery by DeviantArtist14 Birth Marked by TwilightPoetess Lady Fey by PennyDiamond to Nat, my own catcher in the rye by brokengod--veins 64. Frost by ViciousGalan Winter Intimacy by Breath-of-Nefertari Almost by MadamGuillotine
:iconSingingFlames: Features by SingingFlames
Oblivion Songs by TimtehGrey The Only Thing Missing Is You by marchingclock Verbatim by G-R-Fracassa The Writer and the Switchblade by RangerRed09 Not All Things Will Fade by Clockchat A Victim of Circumstance by SloppyDreamscape Address Unknown by AmphetamineDreams Ode to the artist by Kizin-of-kaplumba
January: New Year, New Hope Welcome to January!
Another New Year brings positive hope for the joys to come. Each year, we create new goals we hope to achieve for ourselves in the upcoming months. And, perhaps while many of those goals may not always come to fruition, making the sincere effort does show determination to strive towards making a difference, not only for us personally – but for others as well. It shows courage, and we must not forget that sometimes it takes a tremendous amount of bravery to try and make a genuine change.
Whenever I think of those before me who have gone and striven to impact change – I take a moment to silently thank them all for giving me the same courage to stand up and do the same. Selfless, beautiful souls like: GeneratingHype who – despite the numerous obstacles stacked high against him – preserved until unable to no longer carry on the fight. And: fight on bravely he did. He was not afraid to speak out in truth, and to try and right the wrongs. Even

… - Ayeaye12 has soundcloud.… - which in my opinion is food for thought.……

Right, now onward to:


I don't have any tags per se this time, but I do feel that, I'll just write this big list of works I've read in general (:

Actually, I do have a tag:

By the way, I can't grant her wishes because they're really intense, in my opinion... Although there's no harm in a quid pro quo at the end of the day:

My wishlist:

  • To go out on an actual date. And hope to God that it transpires into something worthwhile.
  • To have four published works, through reputable publishers either here in Pakistan, or through publishers abroad.
  • On that note, to have at least one of those works in a language other than English - be it Urdu or German, whichever is most feasible.
  • To meet the friends I've made here on dA - which, in my opinion, does seem possible if luck and good financial standings bear with me.
  • To actually experience... well, the better way to put this would be to have a legitimate experience of that which we all know, and I won't name since... well... its what soulmates do ;) . Of course, I do mean it in the most morally acceptable form anyway.
For now, these will do for the wishlist. Now onward to the second tag:

My collection of books which I have read (in full) over the course of time:

  • Frank Delaney "Ireland"
  • Toby Harnden "Bandit Country"
  • Morgan Llywelyn "1972"
  • Shan Sa "The Girl Who Played Go"
  • Francis Scott Fitzgerald "The Great Gatsby" and the Penguin published book "Babylon Revisited"
  • Oscar Wilde "Der Profundis" and "Theocritus"
  • James Hilton "Goodbye Mr. Chips"
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez "One Hundred Years of Solitude"
  • Jorge Luis Borges "The Aleph" and "The Garden of Forking Paths" (both short stories) and some selected poems such as "The Other Tiger" and "The Art of Poetry"
  • Hermann Hesse "Siddharta"
  • Ted Hughes "Crows"
  • Percy Shelley "Ozymandias" and "England of 1819"
  • the Pickthall English translation of the Koran
  • George Orwell "1984" and "Animal Farm"
  • J. R. R. Tolkien "The Hobbit"
  • Robert Louis Stevenson "Kidnapped"
  • Martin Amis "God's Dice" (The short story)
  • James Joyce "Dublinners"
  • C. J. Goto "Dawn Of War" and "Dawn of War: Tempest"
  • Alfred Noyes "The Highwayman"
  • Lord Byron "To A Vain Lady", "When We Two Parted", "Maid of Athens", "The Destruction of Sennarcherib" and "On my Thirty Third Birthday"
  • Dylan Thomas "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night", "Especially When the Wind Blows", and "And Death Shall Have No Dominion"
  • Alfred Lord Tennyson "Charge of the Light Brigade"
  • John Keat "La Belle De Sans Merci", "Ode to a Nightingale" and "Bright Star"
  • Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay "Devdas" as translated by Sreejata Guha (Penguin Published)
  • Cameron Rogers "The Music of Razors"
  • Thomas Hardy "Jude the Obscure"
  • Rabindranath Tagore "Gitanjali", "Half Acre of Land"
  • Fredrick Forsythe "The Odessa File", "The Dogs of War", "The Afghan", "Avenger", "The Deceiver", "The Phantom of Manhattan", "Icon", and "The Veteran" and "Great Flying Stories"
  • Edward Fitzgerald "Rubiyaat of Omar Khayam" 1st Edition
  • M. R. James "Collected Ghost Stories" (Wordsworth Classic edition)
  • Jonathan Kellerman "When the Bough Breaks", "Silent Partner", "Self-Defense", "Doctor Death", "Monster", "Flesh and Blood", "The Murder Book", "A Cold Heart", and "Rage"
  • Jesse Kellerman "The Brutal Art"
  • James Herbert "Others"
  • The Adventures of a Schoolboy
  • Aesop's Fables
  • William Shakespeare "Julius Ceasar"
  • Lawrence Sanders "The Loves of Harry D."
  • Doris Lessing "Martha Quest", and "The Summer Before The Dark"
  • Rosemary Rowe "The Germanicus Mosiac" and "Enemies of the Empire"
  • George Macdonald Fraser "Flashman"
  • Alan Wykes "Hitler's Bodyguards"
  • Victor Hugo "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"
  • Edgar Allen Poe "The Raven", "Annabel Lee", "El Dorado", "The Bells", "Alone"
  • Samuel Taylor Coledridge "Frost at Midnight", "Dejection: An Ode", and "Work Without Hope"
  • William Wordsworth "Daffodils" and "By the Sea"
  • Doctor Seuss "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"
  • W. B. Yeats "The Sorrow of Love"
  • Seamus Heaney "Death of a Naturalist"
  • W H Auden's "Villanelle" (more specifically "The Wondering Minstrels", although I do not count it as a technical villanelle).
  • Finished today (Jan 3 2015): Sir Arthur Canon Doyle "His Last Bow" (The Sherlock Holmes short story from the book of the same name)
  • Roald Dahl "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
  • Mario Puzo "The Godfather"
  • "Hornblower Goes to Sea" edited by Little Brown and Micheal Joseph
  • Robert Frost "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"
  • Akira
  • Batman: Night Cries, Year One, Death in the Family, The Killing Joke, and The Dark Knight Returns
  • R J Minney "Carve Her Name With Pride"
  • P G Woodhouse "Carry On Jeeves"
And there are countless others which I have read but not in the "full" sense, either because they were movies or because they were children's illustrated versions. For the sake of clarity I haven't included them. Others which I left midway or am in the process of finishing have also not been included in this list.

Although this list is far from complete, it is nevertheless a representation of what I feel are works which I have read in full, although I will admit it might take me some time to actually jog this rattled mind into remembering what I did read :blush: I started reading when I was seven, and back then I started with works like Ben Hur and Around the World in 80 Days and A Journey To the Center of the Earth and such. But those were illustrated children's versions of epic works. Nevertheless, I do know their contents. And am familiar with what they represent.


I finally got into Hamburg. More specifically, Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften (HAW) Hammburg (Hamburg School of Applied Sciences, Hamburg) in Germany. I will be completing a Masters in Public Health from there and I am confidence that I will succeed in my endeavours. John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (where I had applied for an MPH as well) regretted my application by saying I "lacked experience". Heh, personally I find that amusing - what bastards they are to sucker me into wasting all my money ($120 for the SOPHAS application, $210 for WES to get my degrees translated to the US based system and then accredited and evaluated, and $65 for the GRE scores to be sent directly to the university itself) and then have the gall to tell me two days after I sent my application (On a BLISTERING BLOODY SATURDAY AT THAT!) that I "lacked sufficient experience to be accepted into the programme". What nerve, what fucking nerve honestly!

Good riddance in my honest experience. Its a cunty little dump anyway - eight in the bloody world and has a living Nobel Laureate (contrasting with HAW Hamburg which is 86 globally) but still, cunty little dump.

I am very glad I got into HAW Hamburg (and I'm not going to the States) for a few principle reasons which are to my benefit:
  1. I have a European Union Passport hence, after a year, I can avail the benefits of Europe as a viable European Union citizen.
  2. According to Uni-assist e.V (which is the principle university accreditation authority of Germany), I have a 2.3 Division (which equates to around the 3.0-3.4 of the US Scale. To residents of the UK, that's a Second First). In contrast, the bastards at WES gave me a 2.61 (on a 4 GPA Scale), even though my Official Score is 2.70. Cunts.
  3. The course is in English, but I have been learning German from a language center in Islamabad. At present I'm doing the A1 certification course. And I'm doing well thus far.
  4. The whole course, tuition fee wise, is EUR 7200 for the whole masters. That's $8641.44 in total for the Tuition Fees. And if I were to add the other expenses (mandatory health insurance, rent, food, and other relevant expenses) it would come down to an approximate estimate of $12,002 (mind you, because I have an EU passport, Visa expenses are not needed from me, and thus this is the sum total which will be spent for me as a student). In contrast with the $86,000 tuition fees, and the $100,000 in total for simply living in the states, that's dirt cheap. Its cheaper than my bachelors.
  5. Once I get the German degree, I can work in Germany, provided I have a B2 certificate from the Goethe Institute of German Languages and ISDAF (which is to be taken in Germany itself). Even if that doesn't turn out successful, I can always work in Ireland which is in Europe and where working is in English.
When I actually think about it - how I found the school online, how I shared its information with my parents, how we filled the whole application (through sheer force of will) and sent all my documents to them (uni-assist e.V and HAW Hamburg both) and then ran around the clock in getting in touch with HAW Hamburg to make sure all my documents were fulfilling their requirements... And now, when I got in... I'm happy. Germany is, in my honest opinion, a whole new world - a breath of fresh air, a grand new start.

Speaking of start, the German language. Its lovely - even though I'm learning Standard German, I still find it profoundly affluent in culture and with an astute contemplation of... well... presenting a point of view and an idea. It is different from English, but unlike French I find myself doing well in German. Enough to make ends meet (and rightfully so - I've been able to converse in HAW Hamburg and otherwise through my somewhat decent grasp over the language, and I have made some headway with it. I have no regrets, really. I'm confident I'll be able to make ends meet).

:) Just wish me luck on that. And speaking of luck. Malintra-Shadowmoon thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them.

There is more news as well, but I'll fill all of you in on it on a suitable date, in the fullness of time, when the moment is ripe :lol: Cheers.
I'll get back to the tag that I have, as well as the few works which I have to write comments on eventually, also, I'll get back to all of your comments soon. For now, I have a few major things to share with ya'll :D

If anyone's interested in reading my works, I'm going to post some thumbs of my works here:

Commissions I've done:

Laeneris commission - Caged Heart lost in shadows by shehrozeameen TheGalleryOfEve Commission by shehrozeameen TheGalleryofEve Commission by shehrozeameen

Rub'iya I've written

The Rub'i of the Waters Immortal
hush my love, for these whispers I hear
the ailments of sorrow, I declare
'pon my word, 'pon my soul, I see you
freedom's bells toll, the fall hide your tears...
Rub'i of a MaidenThere waits a perdition, a requiem for dreams.
Where the maiden arose, in sorrow it seems
Her tears fill the lake, melancholic they tell
Of her waiting, a rhapsody of ice gleams
Rub'i of LoveThe Semblance of Life art thee, my love
Beheld in a cup aloft like doves
Flying 'pon skies, a constellation, bliss
Is thine beauty, ordained from Above
Rub'i of EndingsI felt loss 'gainst the turbulent shore
When I succumbed for what I forswore
Alone I had felt in Fate's deep rivers
That flowed to the sea which Time once bore
The Clairvoyant and The MuseThe Clairvoyant
Give me the grail, for I was destined
'Twas meant for me, 'tis why its confined
I beheld the essence, which sought me
In my journey, my purpose defined
The Muse
Whispers of sorrow guide thee abhorred
For the Grail of blood through which you tore
Yet regret holds ye whose succumbed fight
Brought life whispers, which you once called for

Long poems:

I Awaken From The Dream (revision)Darker days in September
April June and November
of the next year when burning ember
would burn the Plutonian Shores
As it kept going under
drowsed in sorrow, browse the hunger
Still the madness grips, drowned further
to insanity's darkest dreams of yore
To the sane lamentations of darkened dreams
that are not meant to be dreamt before
But lest I stumble 'pon my quest
Soon, I wither, sadness I detest
Thus must I find my rest
Before I awaken from the dream
In the glorious passage
where the rites assuage
the memories torn, my dying sage;
Of the woes defied, for her I cried
I beheld, the tomb - woeful pages
lost, in vain; for thus would I dissuage
to the hegemony of distant markers, this rage
In the name of my Maker, for she lay, who died
to a place full of reveries, of those darkened dreams
where my guilt is forged, that I wonder, defied
of the memories of my pleas, for my mother
buried in her tomb, made from alabaster
Do I find what I have always been after
In the hopes she'll awaken fr
Captain Ulmar Wenceslas LockhartCaptain Ulmar Wenceslas Lockhart
It was not a sight for the faint hearted, that I can tell thee
To see my Captain fighting his enemy, and break free
And live to fight another day, to explore the endless blue sea
Alas that is life, such are things meant to be
My Captain was Ulmar Wenceslas Lockhart, God be with the man
Sailed many seas he did, those who fought him were damned
None could be saved when they faced Lockhart, all feared his plan
To bring down the Odyssey, to which end he never ran
This is the story of Captain Lockhart, and his brave last stand
The Odyssey’s captain was no ordinary fool
He was Lockhart’s equal, affluent in all trades and tools
He was Nicodemus Bartholomew “Lockhart”
“Lockhart” because he equaled my Captain in every art
From the Port O’ Leon to The guild town Hall
Numerous times they blocked the seas; all
to themselves they kept the battlefield;
But alas, their efforts provided no yie
Requiem - Last of the Idol Spirits
I am surrounded by withered
idols of an ancient era
gone, forever lost in annals
of human lore. Their presence a
reminder of a forlorn time;
a bygone era when the world was
devoid of any uncertain
circumstances which would lead to
the death of our ancestor's words
that bespoke to the heavens for
guidance and jurisprudence with
which they would beckon their people
to good acts of kindness and comfortable
sanctity. Alas
These sad artifices are the
only reminder of their existence;
for when passion grew
too much for their fellow man to bear,
when their voice became much more than
a petty cry to oblige
the gods that they had chosen to
accept as the masters of their
fate, only the turmoil that came
eventually could resolve
their problem - for goodness only
brings so much hope to those who can't
seek more than what they can manage
with their humane capacity
to comprehend the beauty of
life's bounties; where in the elders
could not stop the inevitable
from occurring. They saw as the
fall of t

Conventional Poems:

cacophony of the past, lost in the dustThe night did die, forlorn is hope
Thus must I watch, in vain
For the moon must forswear, elope
Madness resides, disdain
A speck of dust that sings to me
A woeful bliss filled reverie
A speck of dust
A speck of dust
When shadows of darkness are free
Lamenting that fated call:
"I must bid you, farewell"
A lapse, benign, how could I fall?
Time I suppose will tell
Dreams that subside, thus will we rust
For the night did die, as it must
Dreams that subside
Dreams that subside
In the shadows; silence I trust
Now I must leave, while darkness sleeps
I cannot be reborn
For in dreams, memories, I weep
My lapse was madness, torn
Thus do I see blurred white stars
Is the ending near or afar?
Thus do I see
Thus do I see
You watching me, shadows cold, marred
When Shadows o' Darkness Caressed the SkyWhen shadows o' darkness caressed the sky
A grey envelope casted that bled faith dry
Despair's con trol leaving only blissful sighs
As the damned a tone for the brave men who died
Saving their kind in fighting Draco deified
"The battle is futile!" they moaned and cried
But their kind were led astray by vandals who lied
"Draco resides on the Mount - Kill him, vilified!"
Alas, they were wrong - bodies litter the rye
While good men, in vain, prayed for those who died
When shadows o' darkness caressed the sky
The Awakening DemonI walk alone, into consecrated grounds
Fate has decreed this as inevitable
That I must fight what continues to hound
My life's existence, condemned as a fable
The Dah'aka awaits me, the demon's fall
Is my realization, that might change all
What I was Fated to have done in the past
Comes back full circle, Completed at last
A Pearl's TrioletI watch miles on end, the emptiness
These jaded shades of the sea, ancient
Astray, like shells lost o'er shores ageless
I watch miles on end, the emptiness
These shades of blue in numerous hues
In a lost world, she resides, sentient
I watch miles on end, the emptiness
These jaded shades of the sea, ancient
Mirth in Solemn ReminiscenceThis dear heart knows no boundaries, my love -
Let us pray that the night will be our guide,
a solace I sought, granted, from above.
Let nothing stop us – spread your wings, my dove,
and follow the gentle wind breathing its stride;
this dear heart knows no boundaries, my love.
A loud tempest strikes! Wraps in a cold glove
a chance for ascension, spread far and wide:
A solace I sought, granted, from above.
Therein, you found, the mirth you had dreamt of;
a smile on your face – purity deified –
This dear heart knows no boundaries, my love.
Thus must I leave now; a sadness I shove
aside, for this void is where I reside
this dear heart knows no boundaries, my love.
I plant the rose on your grave, made thereof
from our dreams together, for you I cried:
“this dear heart knows no boundaries, my love -
a solace I sought, granted, from above.”
whispering of the trees which leave me forlornChicanery, subterfuge, had hardly a place in the streets of this honest borough (Thomas Hardy)
Whispering of the trees which leave me forlorn
whispering of the trees which leave me forlorn;
A darkness, enshrouding, that holds me astray -
Tread gently, my dear, through this passage of thorns.
From upwards the trees beseech seasons, reborn
of creation, our kind, is called out by day
whispering of the trees which leave me forlorn
Is this what we have sought, for which we are torn?
Be wary, these skies whisper of our way
Tread gently, my dear, through this passage of thorns.
There, thus do we seek those sad dreams, as one, worn
as a cloak, as we keep our woes at bay
whispering of the trees which leave me forlorn
Wild are these yearnings, lost to anger and scorn
Vitality is a trick, lost in time, pray
Tread gently, my dear, through this passage of thorns.
For you, my dream, are my pride, for whom I mourn
passing moments, gone, to you I hope to say
whispering of the trees which leave me forl
Quatrain VIFitzgerald style Rubi
I wait by the pillars, the wind's respite
is a credence whose hearse ignites my sprite;
I wait for thee, oh pristine Aurora
glowing brilliantly like the Northern Lights!
Haiku IIa heavenly gem;
Paradise shines upon her
majestic presence

So if anyone's interested, I'm all in for comments and such :nuu: Either way, looking forward to people's responses on this one, whether you're new watching me or otherwise. Cheers.


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I love writing poetry, frankly speaking. I can write a poem between 8 and 19 lines. Provided that the theme has been carefully told by the customer, I will send drafts of my progress as often as I can. I can write in both traditional and non-traditional formats.
So far as traditional are concerned, I am not particularly good with sonnets, but I have a decent assessment of syllable count. I don't follow meter. Having said that, I have written terza rimas, rub'iyaat, villanelle, ott
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Type of Commission: poetry
Number of commissions done:
From the commissioner:
I love writing poetry, frankly speaking. I can write a poem between 8 and 19 lines. Provided that the theme has been carefully told by the customer, I will send drafts of my progress as often as I can. I can write in both traditional and non-traditional formats.
So far as traditional are concerned, I am not particularly good with sonnets, but I have a decent assessment of syllable count. I don't follow meter. Having said that, I have written terza rimas, rub'iyaat, villanelle, ott


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