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Poetry commissions
World-Inside-Me  Commission- The Heart of Serenity by shehrozeameen
TheGalleryOfEve Commission by shehrozeameen
ZieAwsomePrussia commission - Lirena's Exile by shehrozeameen
Kai45 Commission - For Wolfheart by shehrozeameen
Lissomer Commission by shehrozeameen
Provided are poems that I have written in different formats and using varying styles of presentation.  Each one is unique and each one has a semblance of its own.

length can vary between 8 lines and 19 lines. For epics requiring more then 19 line, I will require a detailed storyline about what you require.

themes: epics, melancholia, human nature, poetry, romanticism. No erotica. Dedications can be done. Eulogies can also be arranged.

Bear in mind that I am not a schedule driven poet. You will be notified during the drafting process, so that you can monitor the progress of the poem you commissioned from me.

I can complete one poem at a time.


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Shehroze Ameen
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hi! :wave: My name is Shehroze Ameen.

I'm at present working in the following groups:

:groups: :iconpoetrynprosewatchers: - Founder - A place where all your :+fav: get exposure. Do give it a look :)

:groups: :iconpoeticalcondition: - Head of the Critique Department - send a :note: whenever if you want to apply as a critic to me, prettyflour or Michel-le-fou . For more details, see this journal: Critique Department Update: Critic Openings!EDIT: Duties of Critics have been added in this notice. Thanks fernknits for pointing that out. Appreciate it. :)
Hey Everyone! My name's shehrozeameen and I recently became the new Head of the Critique Department of PoeticalCondition.
This was an administrative decision taken by our boss RiseandBe. I'm succeeding NotenSMSK, who started the critique department. A gem of a boss honestly - punctual, very dilligent in his approach, and particular about how the department was being maintained. Suffice to say, life is more than dA in the end.
Me and NotenSMSK keep in touch outside of dA, so rest assured he's doing well and is in good health - but he's become busy post-graduation due to a job and other non-dA related exercises which require his fullest potential. It was a mutual decision from all three sides.
And thus, ladies and gentlemen, I have something big to tell all of you:

:groups: :iconthecritiquables: - Second in Command - a place where you get critique in exchange for critique given to members :heart: . The rules are provided in the unappreciated journal features posted every month. Come on over!

:groups: :iconevery-photo: - Co-Founder (as of 2015 Jan, the Critique department of this group has been closed).

:groups: :iconadepta-librica:

What else.... I love :dalogo:. If you need somebody to :+devwatch:, or need someone to talk to about something, :note: me. but if your serious about progressing forward, I'll do my level best to help you out in any way possible...

Looking forward to what people feel about my works :)

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:new: Hear me :blahblah: / :sing: my poems on Bandcamp or Soundcloud:


I am available for commissions as well (writing mostly :pencil: ). Here's the thumb to my commission details: Commissions OpenName of commissioner: shehrozeameen :iconshehrozeameen:
Type of Commission: poetry
Number of commissions done:
From the commissioner:
I love writing poetry, frankly speaking. I can write a poem between 8 and 19 lines. Provided that the theme has been carefully told by the customer, I will send drafts of my progress as often as I can. I can write in both traditional and non-traditional formats.
So far as traditional are concerned, I am not particularly good with sonnets, but I have a decent assessment of syllable count. I don't follow meter. Having said that, I have written terza rimas, rub'iyaat, villanelle, ott
and its only for 20 :points: (my cut is 16 :twocents: , if you want it in real life amount).

Don't hesitate to go :typerhappy: when you wind up looking at my works :) Cheers.

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:new: as of January 27th 2014

Shehroze Ameen's Personality Type Results

:new: personality test from 4q as well, February 7th 2015.… "The Determined Realist".
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Hey everyone, its me :wave:

I have much to share here, and since its the 13th of March (also, incidentally, Friday the 13th - that's the second one I've seen this year), its time for another mid-month Feature and all that.


ChangesA picture long forgotten brings back
Unsorted memories of a time long gone
When their hair was long and not grey
And life was an adventure ahead.
A creased, bleached picture of two best friends
Caught united in an eternal embrace
A proof of the unspoken vow
"It's us against the world forever"
The picture in the mirror reveals
The traces of time without any mercy
Surrounded by the evidence
Of plans altered, abandoned and changed
The pictures of life which had started
To be unique, exciting and special
Together they paint a picture
Of a life led in normality
The wild days of excess are over
The horns are broken, some bones were as well
Along the way from "then" to "now"
But still, some things have not changed at all
Wrinkly fingers press well known numbers
The phone never has to ring very long
Before a rasp voice answers it.
Time rewinds, youthful laughter is shared.
Day 033 by CadaverousDingo Demo 1 by Andrew-YM a place to sit down and observe by Armandacyd Poechair by JerryLangdon Ghosts by Kamal-Q

Pairs by Kamal-Q - something which I have to work on as well: deviation thing.

Can't You?Can't you hear?
She's crying as 
The night settles in.
Roaring thunder
Masks her sobs.
She weeps
As her happiness
Sinks deeper 
Into the abyss.
Can't you feel?
She tries her
To please you
In everything she does.
Every waking moment
She breaks her back
To earn a least a shred
Of your love.
Can't you tell?
She does everything
You ask of her.
Your wish
Is her command.
She'll do anything 
To please you.
But you treat her
Like an animal.
Can't you see?
All she ever 
To be
Was yours.
Abstain the PastHappiness may be changing my decisions
Fear may be helping it along
Yet, the choice I make is definite
It is now the past
And I live the future
Elias (drawing test) by MakoTM BareI stand at the edge of the forest.
A pink and purple sun sets as cold blues illuminate the icy snow blankets.
My breath, slow, painfully inhaled and reluctantly exhaled, mists in front of my dotted vision.
I can see through the entire forest, long bare vessels of awaiting life in a hardened sea, into spaces once full of green now void.
No, not bare.
And not void.
People say that Winter is Nature's Death, and Spring is Its Birth; beautiful renewal after harsh termination.
They are wrong.
They are hypocritical.
They are Death.
We are the ones that huddle in masses, buried in sheet upon sheet of cloth, cursing the frozen season and then after finally receiving the the warmer temperatures so desperately pleaded for, we recoil from the humid muck and wish for the cool.
We are the ones that stamp out decaying leaves, dirty the vivid white of the fallen snow, and then after our handiwork call the landscape ugly.
We call Winter Death as a justification of our actions, and think ourselves right
The Jewel of EzraCome all ye comrades, I tell ye a tale
A tale of the mines, where miners did toil
amid the dust and dirt of the mountains
had he been buried, lain dormant awhile
The jewel, the jewel of Ezra
He lay there in silence, forgotten, alone
until that one day, that one morrow, that noon
along came young Ezra, to not but mine coal
unknowing his fate was to change but so soon
and found he, the jewel if Ezra
ecstatic, young Ezra, at finding the gem
ran out of the mine and called out to his friends
he fervently showed his fortuitous prize
and thought that this rock, his poverty, shall end
this gem, he named, "jewel of Ezra'
Alas his poor fate, for while on his way home
some bandits did raid him and he was deceased
they searched through his carcass, the pockets and all
"Aha! look at this chaps!" one of them decreed
and took they, the jewel of Ezra
but soon in their midst did arguments break
Who shall keep the gem? who does it, then, own?
and so they did fight and, one another, kill
a kind of fate t
CollapsingCollapsing on the floor
Everything was spinning
Already defeated
While the game was just beginning
So easy to give up now
So easy not to care
You asked me to hold on
But it's just too much to bare
Sonnet LXVIIOp. 27, no. 7
Poor Beauty

Why should poor beauty indirectly seek
Its exaltation in the lives of men?
That which is second-rate when at its peak
Can hardly satisfy us, now or then.
And yet it generates its own allure—
A refuge near, not marked by miles nor leagues—
And promises to make us feel secure
If we should dip into its base intrigues.
We must resist, for these are passing pleasures,
Ensnaring all who fall into its honeyed traps,
Where adequacy masquerades as treasures
Too easily tumbling into waiting laps.
Upon this truth, please think on it and rest:
The good is oft the enemy of the best.
The Human, Escape, Act 1, Page 7 by jackgunski Pride undoneRemember me for centuries
A weak heel in the red hot shoe
Another dance that will never perish
For hating beauty and wearing out the mirror
Adorned with peacock feathers (they called you Argos
but they never knew Argos was also the name of a city
where the wind blows free on the dried stone)
and prickling the tip of your finger to make blood
stain the snow white window sill
Where the widower's wife had wept for her daughter to be
And the ebony wood had crackled in the fire place like a laugh  
An echo of your own.
You turned your skin to parchment
to carve the story of the Fairest of them all
Remember me for centuries
We will  - along with the bite and the poison
But who remembers, still, the corset of vanity
and the comb of madness?
It's like you always knew
the root of all evil came
off the seed of apples.
About the Sketchbook...I was supposedly gorgeous in graphite -
in pencils marked as 3H and 4B.
Your intent, to mimic my every feature,
demonstrated a love beyond comprehension.
Some called it obsession - an urge to waste lead
on a single person. Particularly, me.
But so unaware were half of the masses;
they could not discern between love and the latter.
The artsy couple - clearly naive.
UnschuldsengelSometimes as the sun sets,
I remember the dreams
Long since passed
Gone, ephemeral as
My delicate existence,
As the screams silenced
When I wake.
O’ innocent angel,
Your wilted wings
Hold you high no more.
They let you glide no more.
Only the fall,
Awaits you,
With open arms.
You soared so high,
With arrogance so malign,
To which you turned a blind eye.
And now you sink.
Letting dusk seep into your bones,
Weighing you down,
You’ve fallen so far,
O’ benign angel.
A Day in GrenadaCan you imagine, waking up every morning, listening to the lapping of the waves against the sand, the soft, distant murmur of people playing in the water, or chatting at a bar. The feeling of the hot rays of the sun, gleaming down from above, the warmth felt all around from within your cozy blanket. The plushed pillow resting your revitalizing head.
You open your unweary eyes, and see serene, crystal-blue waters, with gentle sprays of ocean white. Sunbleached, wet sand glistening colors of every hue,blurring into a vibrant light lemon.Tall, dark, forested peaks sit in the background, ominous and beautiful, daring adventurers to climb its moss green hills.
As night rolls in, several places close for the night, and others open for the first time today. Cars stop roaming on the road, and nighttime stragglers walk towards the bars and restaurants. Orange lanterns and yellow streetlights lit up the hills across and the land beside. The world grows purple, blue, and black... yet still more i
Standing stones
mystic knots,
the ghosts of stone trees,
and Gaelic calligraphy
like the witches of Hamlet
with robes concealing their forms,
and formless
their wind-blown altar
with shadows stretching,
barren and lichen-strewn
pincushionUse my heart
as a pincushion.
Press the pins
into the steady thud,
thud of the clenched fist
wrapped in pink tissue paper.
Let the threads
dangle like loose strands
of blonde hair resting
on a child’s cheeks.
Pull the pins
and there will be
small tunnels and caves
filled with tiny rubies
making my heart glitter
with gemstones.
Use my heart
as a pincushion
if it will help you
make your own life
a tapestry of red and gold.
#210.Realm of light by Manouilidis

Strombotto Of LeafinessWhen at last an autumn leaf decides to stray
Endeavors to rend itself from the tree's hold
I long to be there, whether by night or by day
Beside any autumn arbor young or old
Providing sweet peace amid life's bitter fray
This leaf held close to my heart, lifeless and cold
This autumn leaf in silence sings a wild song
Foretelling the release of his kin in throngs
- truly, a beautiful poem. This poem deserves more recognition than it has been given. What a shame really.

At the End of the RainbowAt the end of the rainbow is no man’s land.
A country where wars never take place.
A country where everybody loves each other.
This has remained for millions of years.
At the end of the rainbow, I will live someday.
Sitting on green grass between innumerable flowers.
In the bright light, by the blue sky, birds draw their courses
And with an insatiable longing thoughts flee into the distance.
Nothing could spoil my being in the Valley of Light.
Gone are grief, suffering and pain. A loving heart knows no sorrow here.
Be it old, be it young, be it black, be it red – Noone suffers in no man’s land.
The sun radiates. Nature has everything painted in the most beautiful colors.
When I think of my loved ones, melancholy enters my sad heart.
Then colorful butterflies come. It is hard to believe how beautiful they are.
And when once in distant times, I will cross this bridge
And when angels accompany me, amiably, I will understand the end of the rainbow.
Nightlife Loversas the hours
go down with the sun
the nightlife lovers
come out of hiding
  undisturbed by
  the pitter-patter
  of the raindrops
armed with colour
  above their heads
  they give
a whole new shade
  to midnight.
Snow Daysnowflakes are awesome
burying our world in white
and school is canceled!
I woke upAfter I killed myself
I woke up
in the real world.
I hugged my mum
as she weeped over the coldness
of life, of my body, and
Dad gazed into the vortex of despair.
I made a joke to break the silence.
We laughed, it felt fantastic.
My friends were dazed with every emotion.
They spoke beautifully
at the assembly on Monday.
People began to know of me
worldwide. I saved
millions from their locked selves,
inspired souls to fly down
and be with family.
"It can't happen again."
The sun ballooned.
I saw that life was worth waking up for.
I love him nonethelessHe smoked in bed with his spine bent where it shouldn't, slumped across the pillows and with his eyelids half open and if it had been another life time I probably would have been in love with him.
As it was, I watched the cigarette as he brushed his nose with his palm, sniffed to try and retract his emotions and then shakily drew from it again.
He was utterly beautiful, even in wretchedness, and although every inhale was agony in his trachea I could see behind his dulled irises the desire to be better, and I was going to get him there.
I tucked my feet under his duvet and didn't care when our feet touched. He flinched but not at me but because his thoughts had been elsewhere. I took no offence and neither of us moved again.
He took nervous stabs at the ashtray as the loose tobacco fizzled and escaped the paper. It was an instinct. A reflex. If the bed had set alight with both of us in it the only reason either of us would have moved would have been to save the other.
The bed didn't set
Meditations IDust buried me long before my heart paused in the action of sleep, coating remains of my shattered reflective soul with frosty words that later on I could not discern from the scent of bitter oranges and clove... Bergamot, or Valencia, perhaps? That which oozed a summer memory, the corpse of a twilight I imagined was mine. Or was it real? Did I remember only what i sought? I recall only that halfway I stumbled, as the path was unbeknownst to me and I trekked onwards with only the shady beeches to accompany me. Or was it a moon?
Bergamot and clove fades, as they first came and I cry to them NO-- I am not Prince Hamlet, nor was meant to be; I run as water doth fade in sand, a trembling presence quivering in anticipation, a leak in time. I am not Prince Hamlet, as I watch only from the sidelines, dealing cards over coffee stains, raising my head not to roar defiance but to interrupt the actors with blemishes and renewals of speech. I am not Prince Hamlet; not any prince at all should you
A Place Where the Dark EndsPale faces meet in a mixture
This Union of beauty and a creature
Fingers entwined until the end of time
Under that tragic smile everything is not fine
Wine makes it numb for a while and the drugs are magic
With spit in my eyes I crawl under the sheets lethargic
I don't think her angelic eyes can carry me much longer
These scars on my wrists prove I'm sort of a survivor
Just to breathe eat and sleep the hopelessness away
Pray that today will be the day god intervenes to keep the evil at bay
We used to wonder under thunder when I was able to walk
Now these faded dreams of us deceive dead as a rock
Where nothingness abounds where even the dark isn't found
That's where I am headed. It's where I am bound.
Cloud NineEveryone's always talking about Cloud Nine,
how everything's so perfectly lovely, no shroud of doubt that could move one's mind from all this marvel.
Though, what if that cloud dissipates?
What's left of those beautiful promises, hopeful longing eyes,
staring forward in an abysmal crevice as you commence your descent plummeting downwards at an ever increasing rate
where wings can not catch nor hold you, nor could an angel's breath still your fear.
Who's there to cushion your fall as you realize the cold reality?
Where does this boat sail, if Hope's waves disappear from the ocean of euphoria?
As they make way for a silent, dead sea, where your reflection is all you can get for company.
And you'll spin round and round, and there is but emptiness, and the painful memory.
What if Cloud Nine was but a promise, a remnant thought, something to somehow secure your sanity.
Something incredibly impossible, yet something for which we'd all hope it would come to be.
That safety net,
Run for our livesI've just received a little package from an anonymous person
Me: *opens it and picks up a red button* Hmm....what is this for?
Alix: Don't know but I don't think you should push it, cause we don't know where it came from.
Me: *looks at him with a smile* It might not do anything.
Alix: *looks concerned* What if it does do something and it's very bad?
Me: *looks at the red button* You've a point there.
J.Remy: *comes out of nowhere and scares me and Alix* Hey~
Me and Alix: AHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *jumps back* Where did you come from?!
J.Remy: *laughs* I've been here the whole time
Me: Well....I didn't see you anywhere...
Alix: Same here.
J.Remy: Just because you didn't see me doesn't mean I wasn't here, cause I might have been hiding behind trees.
Alix: Well, were you?
J.Remy: Maaaayyybbbeee... hm? *notices the red button* Oooooooo push it! You should push it! *smirks and bounces*
Me: No!
J.Remy: Aren't you a little curious to see what it does?
Me: Yeah.
J.Remy: Well...push the button, I know yo

And now, onward to...


Because DannyMechanist had added my name in it.

  1. What in your honest opinion, if anything, can be done by moderate Muslims to redeem the name of Islam?
    If there was an answer to that, we wouldn't have an Arab Spring and ISIS now, would we?!
  2. Sun Dress or Bikini? (And why)
    I'm a guy.
  3. Are you pro or against euthanasia? Why?
    Having seen misery upfront in Pakistan, and having seen that chronic diseases have no cure, and having seen that its a handful who can afford the luxury of a full treatment (unless you're part of some Foundation/Charity/Government established support programme), and realizing that its also a handful less than the handful mentioned earlier who are willing to go the whole damn way, just spare the family and put them out of the misery of watching that poison kill them. Cancer's a stereotype - diabetes has no cure, other than constant dialysis; schizophrenia and dementia and other psychological diseases have no cure, and only make things worse than if one tries to repair them (lets face it, if you're fucked up in the head, you'll stay fucked up in the head until you want to change yourself); and if you're an addict, you'll stay an addict till you stand up for yourself and get out of that vicious cycle.
    And speaking candidly here: I'd much rather go to hell, than have others bear the misery of hoping I'll be cured. There's no cure in life - Life's one big disappointment, and that's all there is to it. If I get cured, realistically speaking, its temporary.
  4. What is your view on "medicinal Marijuana"?
    Marijuana's a global thing now, so who gives two cuntflap dicks if its medicinal category or not?!
  5. What genre of literature do you prefer reading?
    I'll read anything, and have no preferences. So long as it isn't Mills and Boons. Even bad fanfics.
  6. Which is better, knowing how to cook or knowing how to swim?  Why?
    Cooking is innate, Swimming is acquired. Swimming it is then.
  7. If you could have presidency for a month, what would you change?
    The City Government policy of accomodations in Hamburg.
  8. Which mythological god do you find the most bad ass? Why?
  9. Celts or Britons?
    I'm in Germany, and I'm representing both Pakistan and Ireland.
  10. What's your favorite visual medium? Why?
    I have no preferences. Anything goes - the artist is a cunt faced fuckwit anyway, so their works are what matter.


I've finally shifted to Hamburg. And although, I'll be candid when I say, I haven't been online that long here, I've been fairing well, and posted deviations about the places I've seen, thus far, here in the city.

Mom came to drop me off here in Hamburg, and from February 24th till March 11th, we did all that was needed to be done (as told in order of accomplishment):

  1. Find a residence first and foremost.
  2. Get the Anmeldung, the German equivalent of a "Registration". More specifically, though, this registration includes all categories of citizens who - irrespective of EU and non-EU status - are duty bound to indicate their overall presence here in Hamburg if they are not tourists. This includes - and is especially important for - students, married couples who have recently moved to Hamburg, workers, officials, diplomats, and residents who have recently shifted house.
  3. Open the bank account in Commerzbank (Its pronounced Commerce Bank)
  4. Get insurance started in AOK.
In the process, we did explore a quarter of the city. But there's still time for that, and it will come eventually. Before leaving, though, me and mom managed to also get a residence in an apartment from April till September, so I have a roof over my head. One big advantage for me is that all I need to do is get an Anmeldung only - the rest isn't necessary to be repeated.

What have I been doing recently, though? What has been keeping me from going here on dA? The university! :dummy: its so lively, its so alive, its so fucking amazing I swear. The international dinner was just - panache! Panache, I tell you!

3000 people, from 32 different countries of the world, all came here, to this university of mine, to study! Incidentally, I can say with the utmost pride, that I am representing both Ireland (as its lone citizen by birth and by virtue of my holding a passport bearing the insignia, confirmation, and acknowledgement of the Republic of Ireland) and Pakistan (one of a total of three).

Originally, though, my university traces its roots through the original University of Hamburg (and most of the buildings do, in fact, exhibit it - case in point is the Berliner Tor campus of HAW Hamburg, which traces its roots all the way back to 1884). Incidentally, my campus is based in Bergedorf (and is relatively new in its roots - somewhere in the 60s and 70s, and taking full form in the 90s). Hamburg itself, though, is a big city - Let me put it this way: As a student, I am allowed to travel through the Hamburg Verkehrsverbund (HVV, or Hamburg Transport Association) free of charge, and I have the choice to go via boat buses, Underground Trains, Surface Trains, Road Buses, or by Rail Cars (the replacement systems for trams).

I haven't seen the darker side of Hamburg yet (I've seen enough in Pakistan to really not be surprised even if I did), but the lighter things which I have born witness to, have humbled me towards the choice I made to study here. Its a paradise compared to Pakistan - and in fact, for me, bearing in mind my experience in Islamabad, has been a stark and welcome contrast. Its a new world for me, and that's all that matters to me.

And speaking of what matters, the German language! What thoroughness is this medium, how regimental is its grammar and its structure, how thorough it is in its presentation. What a credence indeed it has - and in it is imbibed so much of what makes this place worthwhile. I am not very fluent in German (although, it has not hindered me in persevering and dedicating myself to listening and comprehending it daily) but I will gladly dedicate myself to it. Its a welcome contrast from Urdu, not that I'm complaining anyway: I treat Urdu like one uses a flask of water to clean your arse after taking a dump - its a good stepping stone to learn German, and that's all it will serve.

Pakistan's dirt cheap in comparison to Germany - but then the point also arises that its system (the present one in place) could be improved, but isn't prioritized. I suppose the primary reason Germany progressed and adapted so quickly and efficiently is because they went for what society needs rather than what citizens want. Only things citizens want are money, status, a roof over their heads, pleasure, and food - its always been that way in the end, and nothing will change that. Which is why Germany's system and administration is a thoroughly involving institution, and something which I hold with a lot of respect. Its a European ideal, and one which I agree, has made a big difference in my perspective. For the better - greatly for the better.

Its sad that Pakistan doesn't do the same. but in the end, its a good thing it doesn't either - there are always two sides to a mirror, and it is best to have contrasts. It is contrast, in the end, which drives change and improvements. Pakistan will improve but it won't happen anytime soon or anytime in the near future, since its a big populace, and they aren't going to go anywhere anytime soon. With that said, Paki girls are bitches, Paki men are either like me (dumb, idiotic, silly, well meaning, hypocritical, but with some sort of principle system and some form of code of adherence and in the end, some level of calm understanding) or they're the cream of the crop (honest, sincere, sharp, trustworthy, principle driven, vibrant in energy, and remarkably efficient) or they're common rabble (fucked up, shit faced, cunt brained, mentally degenerated, physically sterile, emotionally impotent little stereotypical shits with Chinese phones). But isn't that the case with every society in the world? :shrug:

Anyway, I digress - my rant is nothing more than a blunt realization that all societies are the same, and we might as well plaster ourselves with the same paint. There's always going to be problems, we're all cunts, we can't change shit, and lets just go fuck ourselves silly then :shrug: rant over.

Now, to lighter news: My campus is lovely, and the friends I've made are very international (Venezuela, Canada, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, just to name a few) so far as my MPH programme is concerned. We've all settled in quite well for now, and we're doing good, so I'm happy. :) besides, talking about Pakistan is pointless here - I'll have my major worries more along the lines of my studies anyway, so what happens in that old world are irrelevant here. Verily, they are.

How have all of you been? How are things at your end? Looking forward to your comments. Cheers.
Hey everybody :wave:

Just wanted to get the tag out of the way first. I've been able to get to some of my deviations, and will hopefully get to the rest in due course :dummy:

Here's the Tag :D

.... or the closest thereof. I don't have much music on my phone, my tablet, or my computer at present, having left my hard disk at home. So... :shrug: no tag for me then.

Now, to the News:

I am currently inside the Airport (The Business Lounge of the airport at that :aww: ) and its 4:01AM here (fear Uhr Eins). I'm off to Hamburg!


Ich fliege nach Deutschland bei Türkei Fluggesellschaften. Und ich bin glücklich :D

Wünchen sie mir Glücken. :) Prost!


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Victim of Fashion by MelikeBAt

I usually don't critique that many works but I felt like critiquing this one in particular. For what it is worth, this particular paint...

blending together forever by fotomademoiselle

:iconevery-photo: critique well... not really. For a start, the use of the ripples on a lake/river to represent the forest's reflection in a distorted ...

Critique is such a hard job - but somebody's gotta do it. I for one, am proud of my critiques.

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Thank you so much for the fave(s)! I'm sorry this is so late! :love:
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BloodshotInk Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Red Rose in teardrop crystal vase dewless 
Thanks for the fave <3
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WingsUnchained Featured By Owner May 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the :+fav:!
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JutsuGal1208 Featured By Owner May 16, 2015
THX 4 THE FAV!!! :woohoo: :hug: :iconiamhappyplz:
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LadyLincoln Featured By Owner May 15, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for collecting, lovely. :heart:
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Coffee--Pot Featured By Owner May 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gosh it's you! Whoa!
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Pauper-Circumstance Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015
Please, please, please forgive me for being a day late with this, but...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D :party: :D

Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day. :) Best wishes!
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LadyLincoln Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Happy birthday, dearheart. :heart:
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JWA2277 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday :iconcakeplz: 
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Windaddyflex Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Professional General Artist
Happy birthday Sheroze! :iconfireworkplz:
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NathanielFlyingOwl Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015   Writer
Happy birthday, my friend! I hope it goes well. :)
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SaintOfTheDragons Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday!
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nightshade-keyblade Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
:iconhappybirthdaysignplz:, Shehroze! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag
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raspil Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015   Writer
happy birthday, good buddy!  hope everything is good with you :D
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Parsat Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015   Writer
A happy birthday to you, good sir!
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VioletRogue Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Happy Birthday!
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prettyflour Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday my friend. I hope you have a fantastic day!!
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TheGalleryOfEve Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconflyingheartsplz:Happy Birthday my friend! by TheGalleryOfEve:iconflyingheartsplz:
I hope you have a GREAT day!!! :iconcheerplz:
:party: :cake: :iconyaayplz: :iconbaloonplz: :tighthug:
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Malintra-Shadowmoon Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday and all my best wishes to you. Hope you have a wonderful day :sun:
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Spiritomb1231 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Patrick (Cake) [V1] Happy Bday and best wishes to you bro!Patrick (Cake) [V1] 
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Montyclan Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015
Happy B-Day!
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Diluculi Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!
(Happy Birthday) :party::airborne::cake:
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PuzzledHeartBox Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015
Happy birthday! :eager:
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AngoraART Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Happy birthday! :party:

 :ihavecaek: :ihavecaek: :ihavecaek: Cake :ihavecaek: :ihavecaek: :ihavecaek:
ThaliaNight Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Allow me to wish you an early happy birthday, and i hope to see more of your wonderful work on DA!
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